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The Monk and the Philosopher - Book Report/Review Example

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Jean-Francois is an atheist and a critical thinker. He asks several questions that portray him as a defender of Western Scientific culture. Matthieu, on the other hand, shares his…
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The Monk and the Philosopher
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Extract of sample "The Monk and the Philosopher"

Download file to see previous pages lient revelation in the book, The Monk and the Philosopher, constitutes Matthieu’s defense of Buddhism particularly its relevance to the modern world. According to Matthieu, Buddhism is critical as it fills the gap left by the desertion of the Western Philosophy in the aspects of ethics and the art of living. The book is largely centered on the philosopher, who ends up drawing parallels between Buddhism and Western Philosophy; Revel finally learns that Buddhist is more activist that his previously thought. While doubting Buddhist Metaphysics, Revel ends up appreciating the role of Buddhism in filling the gap left by the defunct traditions of Western Moral philosophy.
Buddhism is a very popular religion globally the unique religion was established in northeastern India .The religion was founded on the principles of Siddhartha Gautama or most commonly known as the Buddha. During the reign of the Brahman, the religion developed as a monastic movement but later grew in a distinctive direction. Buddha astonishingly rejected vital aspects of the Hindu values such discarding their sacrificial cult and under rating the powers of the priest. He also allowed the movement to allow individuals from all kinds of castes and disregarded the concept insinuating that birth determines an individual’s spiritual worth. Currently, Buddhism is sub divided into two groups together with its followers respectively. The first branch is known as the Mahayana or the great vehicle. The second group is known as the Theravada meaning the way of the elders. The followers of the Mahayana describe the Theravada using the derogatory word Hinayana meaning the lesser vehicle.
Buddhism is very significant and widely respected in countries like Cambodia, Sri Lanka Thailand, India, Laos and Myanmar. Theravada in all these regions is the most dominant sub section of Buddhism. Mahayana on the other hand is dominant in countries such as Vietnam, Tibet, Japan, China, Mongolia, Korea and Taiwan. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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