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Review of the religion article - Essay Example

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While the law was eventually vetoed by the governor, it still raised debates and questions about tolerance and whether the act of…
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Review of the religion article
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Extract of sample "Review of the religion article"

Teacher Review of the religion article: Jesus bake the cake but would he perform the nuptials The article articulated the debate about the proposed law in Arizona where business can refuse gay customer on the basis of religious belief. While the law was eventually vetoed by the governor, it still raised debates and questions about tolerance and whether the act of refusal to serve gays on the basis of religious conscience is right or not.
The article however did not make a hard stance but insinuated that if the baker was Jesus, He would have baked the cake for the gay customer. The author also rebutted that He also may not, but the argument for Jesus baking the cake is the metaphor of the author’s position on the case. This is very evident with this line ““Maybe they should just ask themselves, ‘What would Jesus do?’ I think he’d bake the cake.”
This was supported by the fact that Jesus advocated love for all. And that he socialized with those temple priests would condemn and healed the “unclean” lepers. This portion of the article is a subtle argument that Jesus will likely socialize with today’s “unclean” people, those who are condemn by temple priests such as gays who are condemn by society’s self-righteous people.
The article may have discussed a theological topic but it was also practical as well. It acknowledged that not everyone thinks the same way and that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Applying to the issue against gay marriages, everyone is entitled to their opinion of disagreeing but they cannot impose this dissenting opinion by refusing gay couples. Christ most likely will bake the cake for them so why will a businessman won’t do? Read More
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