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God is/is not in control of everything - Research Paper Example

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Notably, all this religions are characterised by the existence of a supernatural being who oversees the well-being of the people…
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God is/is not in control of everything
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Extract of sample "God is/is not in control of everything"

Religion and theology Introduction Evidently, religion can be defined as an organisation of people who share the same beliefs and practices for instance Christianity and Hinduism. Notably, all this religions are characterised by the existence of a supernatural being who oversees the well-being of the people. However, in this particular context we are going to focus majorly on the Christian faith as a religion. On the same point, Christianity entails the belief in a supernatural being in other words, God. Apparently, the faith postulates that God is the Supreme Being who resides in the holy place, in simple terms, heaven. On the contrary, this paper delves into creation of a forum in which we evaluate the suffering experienced in the world in relation to religion. On the same note, we are to outline drawing reference from the hardships of the world whether God who is the supernatural and powerful being is in control of the situation or not.
First and foremost, the world is currently experiencing high inflation rates which have been characterised by an increase in the prices of basic commodities for instance food, clothing among other essentials. Notably, this has served to create a group of very poor people who are living below the poverty line which one dollar per day.However, according to the holy book which is the bible, it documents that God is in omnipotent and omnipresent meaning that He is in every place at any given time. Therefore, He is watching every happening as it is unfolding. In addition to that the bible also documents that suffering in most cases is a s a result of the disobedience and failure to monitor the word of God. Furthermore, the bible also documents some prophecies pertaining to the increased in prices in food commodities and consequently, the living standards. It is worth noting that the bible also documents a better tomorrow after the hardship. In simple terms, it is evident that God is in control of the day to day happening and therefore, need to abide by His stipulated laws and regulations.
On the contrary, we can argue that God is not in control of the happenings in the current world in this sense. On the same point, it is worth noting that the fact that God is not present physically in the world to experience the suffering. Apparently, it is documented in the holy books that God resides in a holy place, in other words heaven which can be said to be a haven of peace and therefore the place is characterised by lack of suffering. Evidently, from a neutral
perspective, this treatment can be seen as being unfair since the human race are required to reside in the earth which is characterised by suffering while God resides in heaven which is a peaceful place that lacks any form of suffering. Furthermore, the fact that God lacks the experience in the suffering of world thus lacks the understanding pertaining to the area. Consequently, it is this fact that serves to show that the God lacks the control on the happenings of the world. In simple terms, the fact that God has no experience in the suffering is the major factor that shows that He lacks the knowledge of the suffering of the human race and consequently, lacks the control over the world.
In addition to that, the issue of insecurity has posed a huge challenge on the world as a whole. On the same point, it is important to note that the bible documents that war is a judgement passed to God. Apparently, in the ancient days, the bible postulates that war was used as a means of enforcing the law of God. Subsequently, this shows that God is in control of the world. On the contrary, the fact that God uses war as a means to enforce His law shows that He clearly uses suffering to humans to pass an important reason. Consequently, this shows that he lacks the understanding of human suffering since he uses suffering to pass lesson as opposed to other ways of achieving the same. In summation, it is clear that God has the interest of man at heart since the bible documents that He offered His only son to atone for the since of the human race. Evidently, this shows His depth of love towards the humans.
In conclusion, from the research we can conclude that God clearly oversees the happenings of the humans since He is a supernatural being. To this end, there is the need to follow the laws of God since in this way a good life free of suffering is assured.
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