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Hinduism, buddhism and sikhism - Essay Example

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Hinduism is a religion predominantly practiced in India which emphasizes dharma with different rituals and traditions. Buddhism is a tradition that teaches the adherents on their personal…
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Hinduism, buddhism and sikhism
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Extract of sample "Hinduism, buddhism and sikhism"

Download file to see previous pages his seven dimensions of religion.These are;practical or ritual,experiential or emotional,narrative or mythical,doctrinal or philosophical, legal or ethical,social or institutional and the material/artistic dimensions.
In Hinduism, offerings and petitions are practices which enable them to connect to divine powers so as to solve their problems at the same time fulfilling their desires. Similarly, the Buddhist engage in detailed prayers which are intimate to show dedication to God. The Sikhs engage in a disciplined way of life of Naam Simran which is a way to meditate on God’s name. Hindus of all levels in society perform artistic dance, drama, music, poetry and representational arts and also practice cylindrical festivals which are sacred. Buddhas evoke Sangha to spread Buddha teachings after which the dharma students perform three bows or the three gates (body, tongue and mind). The palms of their hands, knees and forehead should touch the ground to signify earth, water, fire, air and space. The Buddha students bow during prayers with folded hands to signify Buddha of the past present and the future.
The Sikhs live a disciplined life and no benefits are gained no matter where one is born since they all have to meditate (by reciting Gurbani and Kurtan which are music hymns) and give selfless service (by doing manual work at the Gurdwara e.g. cleaning dishes and floors) and wear Kesh, Kanga, Kaccha, Kara and Kirpan (Llewellyn 6-18).
This refers to feelings and experience of various religions which incorporate stories of how their leaders experienced contact with either divine beings or energies. In Hinduism, Hindus assume to be concerned with spiritual enlightenment or the ultimate act of liberation (moksha). The urban elite and the rural Hindus dedicate their time and energy to obtain prosperity. In Buddhism, the most important emotional experience is meditation that enables emotional awareness and enlightenment. For instance, the Buddha connecting with the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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