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Planting Missional Churches - Book Report/Review Example

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Church planting ministry constitutes one of the most rewarding ministries in the current era although it is the most complicated and stressful to undertake. The process of planting new churches is complex and requires extra input in terms of time, finances, and personal…
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Planting Missional Churches
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Download file to see previous pages popularity; this popularity that creates challenges for church planters as new requirements are coming up to ensure success in the church planting endeavors. Church planters, therefore, need to undergo and pass a proper assessment test to check the extent of their preparedness2. Planters who participate in assessment are believed to make better planters and stewards of people and their money in the church. The variables that are measured in the church planter assessment include experience in the ministry, exposure to and experience in church planting, secular work experience, and long-term goals of the ministry.
Experience in the church ministry is one the critical elements against which interested church planters should evaluate themselves. Experience in the ministry equips planters with desirable knowledge and skills for starting and running a church organization. Church planters who are equipped with knowledge and skills in the church ministry have the potential to develop an accurate strategy for the execution. A proper strategy is the primary ingredient of successful church planting processes. Church planters are required to recruit people who have participated in church ministries, as they understand critical elements of church development and management. During the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the profile of a church planter in terms of skills and experience was not as strict as it is currently. Personality tests, church planting assessments, and sophisticated church planting ministries that never existed have been devised to test the church planters in terms capabilities to begin and run churches.
Exposure to and experience in church planting is another subset of assessment that church planters are required to undergo before they embark on church planting activities. A number of people involved in church planting have began to realize that the fundamental elements of church planting are not just funding, location and oversight; the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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