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CPP Model Development - Essay Example

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The primary characteristics of modern church planters include missional, incarnational, theological, ecclesiological, and spiritual1. Planting a new church…
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CPP Model Development
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Extract of sample "CPP Model Development"

Download file to see previous pages Church planting models provide meaningful contexts within which starters can locate organized data, imaginative interpretation of the objectives, corroboration, criticism and anticipated outcomes. The process of planting viable churches require clear understanding of the task, proper analysis of the requirements in the light of research and experience, making an overall plan for task accomplishment, gathering the vital resources, executing the plan and learning from experience3.
Time schedule is a critical requirements and should be prepared prior to beginning church services4. The meeting schedule for the church will be tabled and placed well for public access. There will be a one big mass on every Sunday beginning from 0800h to 1300h. During Sundays afternoon, Bible study groups will be meeting in the church for Bible discussions. The pastor will hold one-hour daily morning devotions between Monday and Friday. The time for morning devotion will be between 00600h and 00700h. The church hall will be open on Saturdays from 00700h to 2200h for the believers who want to hold private prayers. The pastor will be available for consultation on church-related matters on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1600h to 2000h. The church will host free guidance and cancelling services for people of all ages on Saturdays between 1400h and 1900h at the church’s guidance and counselling unit.
The starter recognises the fact that different people experience various special feelings from a particular style of music. Therefore, different styles of church music draw different people closer to God5. The main styles of music the church will adopt include scripture choruses, contemporary Christian music and children’s songs in order to satisfy various generations that will be attending the church services.
The location selected for the church planting is Mexico, in North America. The churches in the Mexico are not adequate to serve the vast population of the region as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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