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Christianity's Dangerous Idea Alister Mcgrath - Book Report/Review Example

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For this reason, the main examination of influences and trends punctuated various examples and individual cases. McGrath cuts to Pentecostalism across Luther’s Wittenberg within the…
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Christianitys Dangerous Idea Alister Mcgrath
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Extract of sample "Christianity's Dangerous Idea Alister Mcgrath"

Download file to see previous pages Immediately, the idea solicited root of the possible outcomes, as was an unprecedented innovation as well irresolvable conflict. New communities came to be, splintering and reforming across differing Scripture interpretations without an appeal for any of central authorities other than the Scripture itself. The process of Protestants remains unabated.1 Therefore, Protestantism cannot be a fixed component of practices or doctrines or affairs. Many ways of understanding the Bible exist while people continue reading it.
McGrath sets a trace of the personal interpretation privilege all the way to the doctrine of Martin Luther. This is concerning all believers’ priesthood. Further, he continues to highlight the empowerment by Luther for the laity among the interpreters of scripture. The Christians on the other hand, are in a state of endowment with the appropriate aspects of reading and interpreting and hence questioning the teachings of the church. McGrath adds that Luther unintentionally feed the individualism beast as unleashed through growing humanist movements. This means that, the radical components of the doctrine of justification by Luther is the salvation conception as an aspect influencing the individual and God. Relationship with God by the individual is direct and established by faith in the promises of God against the salvation acquired through the death and resurrection of Christ. This way, no intermediaries are necessary for the intercession of the saints or Mary. It also waters down the relevance of the church, sacraments, and its priests across the salvation dynamism. Such an emphasis for the private and personal dimensions carries across the understanding by McGrath for the theory of universal priesthood by Luther.2 There is no illustration made of the insistence of Luther for the roles and responsibilities acquired with the priesthood birthright. Such an element for believers is the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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