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Book Explores Ways Faith Is Kept, or Lost, Over Generations - Essay Example

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The author provides various tips that would guide religious parents to ensure their children and grandchildren follow their religious background…
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Book Explores Ways Faith Is Kept, or Lost, Over Generations
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Extract of sample "Book Explores Ways Faith Is Kept, or Lost, Over Generations"

Book Explores Ways Faith Is Kept, or Lost, Over Generations Affiliation: The article discusses how faith and religious teachings are passed from one generation and advice on religious following in a family. The author provides various tips that would guide religious parents to ensure their children and grandchildren follow their religious background and how to make them cemented in faith. Among the issues under discussion include the parent-child relationship where the author indicates that parents that have a close-knit relationship with their children are the most successful in not only instilling religious teachings in their children but making them follow those teachings and faith throughout their lives even if they stray for a while.
The advice provided to parents is to give religious freedom to their children once they offer their teachings and explain the importance of religion through actions and not hypocrisy. This freedom will make the youth still maintain going to church and holding on to their faith even if they change churches from what their parents go to. Children are in a better position to follow their parents’ teachings on religion more than youth and also teachings about religion coming from the paternal side are more cemented and followed compared to that from maternal side although this view sometimes changes depending on religion.
I agree with the author on the issue of children following their parents’ religion and faith more than the youth. This is majorly influence by the growth and development liberation coming with adolescence and wanting to explore for themselves the truth behind religion and hence the need to move to other churches. After the process of rediscovery and “growing up,” those with staunch religious background and good example eventually return to religion and faith.
Oppenheimer, M. (January 31st, 2014). “Book Explores Ways Faith Is Kept, or Lost, Over Generations.” The New York Times. Retrieved from: generations.html?_r=1 Read More
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