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Mysticism in Hinduism - Essay Example

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This essay aims to prove that the philosophy of Hinduism presents an ideal model for understanding the world as the momentary unanimity overcomes all the similar discrepancies, it is the unity with something “out of limits”. The paper also provides the analysis of the mystical concepts…
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Mysticism in Hinduism
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Extract of sample "Mysticism in Hinduism"

Mysticism in Hinduism We may study mysticism if we want. This will bring joy to our heart and self-realization to our life. However, we should not give a definition to it and should not try to interpret it, because we will anyway fail. The philosophy of Hinduism presents ideal model for understanding the world. The given paper will prove that and provide the analysis of some concept.
We receive the experience from the science, scientific discovery, history, philosophy, religion. In these experiences we see the presence of subject and object, essence and existence, vision and sight. But mystical experience that is the momentary unanimity overcomes all the similar discrepancies. Mystical experience is the unity with something “out of limits” that always remains inexpressible. It is a valuable experience that can’t and should be rejected.
Maya is the illusiveness of existence and the Universe. While Brahman is the only reality, all the rest is the illusion. Ignorant individual can’t see the reality and perceives only the illusory world of suffering. The salvation is received through realization. Brahman is the supreme reality, the soul of the world without any form. It can’t be realized and described; it is a creation and a creator at the same time. The most important achievement for hinduist is to realize that he is Brahman and he and the Universe is a single whole.
We can argue upon the statement of Shankara “If the universe be true, let it then be perceived in the state of deep sleep also. As it is not at all perceived, it must be unreal and false, like dreams” (234). The supreme reality of Brahman is the foundation of the world. If Brahman were absolutely distinct from the world, if Atman were distinct from the state of wake and from the state of sleep and dreams, the rejection of the reality of the world or these three states could not lead us to the realization of the truth. Brahman is in the world and if the world of experience were illusory and did not relate to Brahman, love, wisdom and asceticism could not prepare us to the sublime life. Humans acquire the understanding of the world through different experience and illusory and dreams are parts of these experience. As Shankara states that we can realize the absolute by means of practical virtue, he gives the known meaning to it. Unreal world possesses the existence, illusory does not possess it.
If a person is sincere, he/she will understand that the supreme religious experience is indefinite and weak perception of the truth; at the same time mystical experience will allow to feel intensiveness, immensity and definiteness of the truth.
There are many people who unsuccessfully try to understand the supreme Hindu mysticism. Many of them interpret it in the wrong way. It is important to understand that Hindu mysticism is not autohypnosis and not self-delusion but the unity with infinity, eternity and immorality.
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