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Philosophy of Religion - Research Paper Example

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Since the ages when men lived their lives as cave people, they believed in God. The movement of heavenly bodies, the starts, the sun the moon, the meteoroids, eclipses, burning of fire, thunder and lightning were all…
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Philosophy of Religion
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Extract of sample "Philosophy of Religion"

Download file to see previous pages Not many of us can answer properly what God actually means to them. The definition of God has widely varied across the globe from time to time. Regardless of nationality, religion and race, perhaps the greatest debate is whether God exists or not. It has been found out that some people believe in existence of God, they cannot identify Him. Some can identify God in differ forms, deities or elements but cannot find it difficult to relate or believe. While some others totally disbelieve in plurality of God, some people deny the total existence of “God”. To them, it is some supreme force that has created the universe and as the source of life in it (Remos 33-34). A further division of views can be made between people who do and do not believe that God transcends and present among worldly beings (Remos 34).
Broadly, all the worldly religions can be divided into two distinct categories. First comes the ones who believe in oneness of God, or the monotheistic. Then comes polytheistic, or the ones who believe in plurality of forms of God. The ancient religions like the ones of Israel and Egypt were monotheistic religions (Allen 72). But it is found that, even within one single religion, be it monotheistic or polytheistic, purity is not followed, that is, within a monotheistic religion polytheistic features can be found. Christianity is n apt example of this. Bible supports the existence of “God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit.” (Remos 33) Some major religions like Islam and Jewish are strictly monotheistic, while religions like Hinduism supports polytheistic views. One finds numerous Gods and Goddesses, Demigods and even spirits, in various forms and avatars. In Hinduism, each of these Gods is supposed to serve different purposes. Worship of these individual Gods contains monotheistic ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Bandura’s theory confirms the reality of the experience. A man needs mirroring of others to tell him whether what he is doing is fine or not. The wife is the best critic of the husband and vice versa. This is what makes marriage a wonderful ground for discovery for the two is made into one yet uniqueness of each is still there.

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Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712 to 1778) was a Genevois philosopher. Besides that, he was a writer and a composer of romanticism. His philosophies were very influential so much so that they were considered to have triggered the French...
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