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Journal - Essay Example

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This is subsequently related with the formation of different cultures, societies, traditions and religions. Social scientists and people in general have been studying…
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Extract of sample "Journal"

Journal The study of creation myths significantly impacts one’s understanding and practical approach towards life. This is subsequently related with the formation of different cultures, societies, traditions and religions. Social scientists and people in general have been studying this subject since the beginning of the world and therefore new creation myths are continuously evolving.
Some philosophers believe that creation is an ongoing process and therefore the universe is still increasing its diameter. Others argue that man himself is primarily responsible for various creations on earth (North, Carolyn and Robinson). The way an individual interprets his/her existence and the different formation phases actually impacts his outlook towards the entire world in addition to the decision making styles, key interests, social activities and the overall attitude. For instance, if a person believes that everything in the universe came by itself, then such an individual will most probably project a careless attitude towards the world and people around him.
I personally believe that the whole mankind and everything that resides in the universe cannot come into existence by mere chance or through big bang. Moreover, such a concept is actually the rejection of complex scientific theories. For instance, consider Newton and the law of gravity. Newton initially realized that nothing can move without a preexisting force and later he figured out that the downward movement of an apple was caused by the earth’s gravitational force. When a simple fruit cannot fall on the earth without a gravitational force then how can the entire universe be formed without a preexisting power. This substantiates the fact that in order to create something there has to be a preexisting force which causes the later events. Same is my belief that the world did not came into being all by itself, rather some already existing power caused this massive creation. Although the modern world has failed to recognize the supreme authority of the universe but I believe that someone has built this world and therefore the mankind unquestionably comes under His control which actually makes people accountable for their wrong deeds.
All such believes about a preexisting force leads towards the concept of God. When initially God created us, He also gave us the direction towards living a successful and peaceful life and therefore He sent different Prophets in different era. Hence as human being one should lead the life prescribed by God through Prophets and the Holy Books.
Initially the concept of God was a strong part of my upbringing. However, my concepts are strengthening more as I study the modern science concerning biology, physics and chemistry. This strange concept actually provokes accountability in an individual which is then associated with ethical behavior and moral conduct. Hence I see myself and other human beings as being highly responsible for every single act. Here, I would agree with Shakespeare as he relates the world with a drama stage while making a slight addition to it i.e. people come here play their roles and leave for the ultimate accountability and meeting with their Creator at death.
Work Cited
North, Carolyn, and Adrienne Robinson. In the Beginning: Creation Myths from Around the
World. Princeton, NJ: ICRL, 2009. Print. Read More
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Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 32.
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