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Comparison Of Two Religions - Hinduism And Buddhism - Essay Example

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The essay "Comparison Of Two Religions - Hinduism And Buddhism" analyzes spiritual practices of the two major religions of the world emerging from the relatively same region. The writer of the essay demonstrates similarities and differences of Hinduism and Buddhism…
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Comparison Of Two Religions - Hinduism And Buddhism
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Extract of sample "Comparison Of Two Religions - Hinduism And Buddhism"

Hinduism and Buddhism are two of the major religions of the world emerging from relatively same region. Hinduism is considered as a collection of certain traditions and is considered as a plural religion with many traditions forming the overall core of the religion. Buddhism on the other hand however, contains variety of traditions however; the source of all these traditions is Buddha himself. Buddhism seems to flourish during 6th to 4th BCE in India whereas Hinduism is relatively with its roots going back to 1750 BCE and before. (Michaels, 2004)
Three most important spiritual beliefs of Hinduism include Dharma, Karma and Samsara whereas for Buddhism, three important beliefs are reincarnation, sila and Prajna.
It is critical to note that some of the beliefs in both the religions are same specially the concept of reincarnation and sila. Hinduism believes in rebirth whereas the concept of Karma is similar to the concept of Sila. Karma is based upon the concept of cause and effect and the results of those actions. However, the practice and belief of Prajna is different in Buddhism and it is also one of its most important beliefs and practices which are being followed by devout followers.
One of the key themes of spiritual practices of Hinduism is based upon the notion of seeking awareness of God and the blessings of divas. Due to plural nature of the religion there are various spiritual practices which are being followed including worshiping in the morning after bathing, lighting of candles as well as recitation of religious scriptures.
In Buddhism, Yoga is one of the most important and famous spiritual practices along with other meditative practices. Buddhism is mostly advocates the use of meditation i.e. Prajna as one of the most important spiritual practices.
Hinduism and Buddhism both are practiced today through their Temples and other places of worship. However, there is an increasing acceptance of Buddhist practices in West wherein modern practices are being adapted in the West. Hinduism however is being mostly practiced in India and Nepal with relatively increasing acceptance in the West also. For example, Buddhism is mostly associated with the Dalai Lama and most of the spiritual practices actually emerge from his center. Hinduism however, is also practiced in relatively diverse way with followers visiting temples and performing rituals even within their own homes.
Kumbh Mela is also one of the largest gatherings of Hindus for pilgrimage through which the followers of Hinduism actually perform their rituals. Apart from this, various religious festivals are being performed in Hindu religion. The festivals of Holi as well as Diwali are two of the famous religious practices through which Hindus practice their religion. (Rinehart, 2004)
Buddhism however, is being practiced through its various schools of thoughts and focuses more on the meditation as most important way to practice. Important meditations and practices include Vappasana meditation as well as Zen practices. Apart from this, spending a monastic life is also another way to practice the religion wherein monks learn Vinaya- the specific moral code for Monks. (Armstrong, 2001)
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