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What is origin of christianity - Case Study Example

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With more than thousands of Christian denominations found all over the world, answering this question is not easy. Gone are the days when the Catholic and Anglican denominations had the sole claim of being a “Christian” churches, the Pope is no longer…
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What is origin of christianity
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Extract of sample "What is origin of christianity"

PROJECT PROPOSAL Project What is the Origin of Christianity? Cohort Facilitator: James F. Cannon, D.Sc.
What is Christianity? With more than thousands of Christian denominations found all over the world, answering this question is not easy. Gone are the days when the Catholic and Anglican denominations had the sole claim of being a “Christian” churches, the Pope is no longer the most powerful person on Earth. Meanwhile, both the Anglican and Catholic churches are faced with controversies and declining that seek to destroy their very foundation.
The Catholic church headed by the Pope and the Anglican, more commonly called the Protestant church, must rediscover their common heritage in order to face the challenges of the future. In order to do that, it is important to know what Christianity is. And in order to discover the essence of Christianity, one must first understand its history.
This study hopes to discover the origins of Christianity. Its higher goal is to show Christians today what they have in common. Through a review of the history of Christianity, people from various religious denominations to discover the legacy of Christ and understand that this image of Christ is the representation of what we are striving for as species.
This study will look at published articles and books detailing the history of Christianity – from its founding to its breakup roughly 500 years ago. It looks at the reformation and the rise of Protestantism in order to appreciate the characteristics of the new Catholic Church and the Anglican.
1. How did Christianity begin?
2. What is the major concept behind Christianity?
3. What makes Christianity different from other world traditions such as Judaism and Islam?
4. What is the difference between the Catholic and the Anglican Church?
5. What is the possibility that the Catholic and Anglican Church merge?
Some materials which will be used for this study includes books and peer-reviewed articles that answers the questions above. Biblical quotes will also be used and compared with historical events so as to provide context and to answer the abovementioned questions.
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Indiana Wesleyan University
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What Is Origin of Christianity Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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