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Llustrate this collaboration - Assignment Example

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The practice entailed offering clear and solid information concerning various religious aspects that were not possible via text or…
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Llustrate this collaboration
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Extract of sample "Llustrate this collaboration"

Collaboration Undeniably, global religions since time immemorial to have immensely utilized art with the intention of deepening their beliefs (Shusterman 1). The practice entailed offering clear and solid information concerning various religious aspects that were not possible via text or verbal elaboration, for instance, relations between diverse gods and their powers. This is especially to the young and those who could not access some of their creeds’ essential documents, which were exclusively for the spiritual leaders. Therefore, use of artistic elaborations was inevitable because diverse spiritual custodians intended to propagate their beliefs to other generations after them. Besides, these images served the purpose of arousing respect and reverence for their gods among the people.
Figure 1: Image showing Egyptian underworld gods (Osiris, Anubi & Horus).
Egyptians were more concerned about the afterlife than their real existence on earth, which is evident from the above image featuring gods of the underworld realm (Acharya 233). In this image, the artist features Egyptians’ underworld gods (according to their ranks form left) whose core role encompassed determining the destinies of their dead people. The deities’ images varied based on their roles whereby the central image depicts Anubi god responsible for mummification process after death whereas the last or left image was Horus god (Acharya 237). The latter was a symbol of kingship in Egypt after the murder of the first god (Osiris) (Acharya 236). Instilling reverence and respect for their gods, artists by then depicted the gods sometimes having animal heads (Acharya 236). This also expressed their relationships with nature, which the living people depended mainly for survival. Hence, the gods possessed immense controlling power over both the people and the nature or land, which they inhabited (Acharya 237).
Figure 2: Joseph Sold Into Slavery By His Brothers, 1883 (Anna Bilińska-Bohdanowiczowa). Web. 2Nd March 2013. Bilińska-Bohdanowiczowa’s image depicts one of the remarkable biblical stories concerning sons of Jacob’s rivalry, which prompted to the selling of Joseph (Garb 39). The image depicts the focal point of the entire account, which the artist chooses to feature. Hence, this arouses viewers’ thoughts concerning the Israelites’ origin and diverse chronological events that followed the depicted scene. In this image, art acts as an auxiliary medium meant to help the viewers understand, remember and relay the depicted information to the then numerous people (Shusterman 1). Therefore, Bilińska-Bohdanowiczowa via this image takes advantage of visual method, which is extremely effective compared to both reading and narration (Garb 39).
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Llustrate This Collaboration Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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