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Revelation - Essay Example

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Revelation is supernatural or spiritual kind of knowledge to be exposed to human mind in an extraordinary way, which the human brain must have never…
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Extract of sample "Revelation"

Download file to see previous pages These mysteries although have been revealed by God in the bible, but still the human mind is too small to penetrate the truth inside it. These scriptures have not yet fully understood, as they consist of things which are beyond the ordinary work of the environment.
Revelation is considered God’s direct words for mankind, through the Bible. Although it was prophesized by his chosen prophet, but this does not decrease the essence of revelation, it is God’s direct speech. Revelation according to Christian’s faith is “the truth which has come down from heaven”.
God wanted to show His believers, His almighty power. He wants to reveal to the mankind the scripture of the thing which man himself may not be able to discover. The bible itself says that God wanted to show us things that are distinguished from all what we have discovered yet. It says:
The inspiration was bestowed by God on His Chosen One, to writes all what God wants the world to know. God illuminated the mind of the writer and showed him all the events which will be occurring and are important for the believers to know. All these revelations given by God, was written down and is present in the Bible as its last book.
Revelation the last book of the Holy Bible was written down by John the Apostle. He wrote the book in the last years of his life. God showed him vision, the vision of the spiritual world. God revealed the scriptures of the heaven to him. In the Book of revelation he wrote everything God illustrated him and the secrets of the mighty world that were exposed to him.
Christianity is a one of the major religions of the world. It does not need the support of the theologians to study the God himself, but there is a need of the theologian to study the complicated scriptures revealed by God. God wants us to known the hidden meaning of the scripture. It is said in the bible, “the Lord is with you when you are with him. If you seek Him, He will be found ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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...surpasses man’s idea of deliverance. Even as someone like Perpetua is tortured, she is given grace, divine resolve and protected, just as Jesus promises that not even a strand of His children’s hair shall be lost during persecution. The same is similar to the revelation God gives to the Israelites in the wilderness. He is a Shepherd, Provider and Preserver to them throughout the 40-year wilderness period. This can be seen in Deut 8:4, 29:5 and Nehemiah 9:21. Even the Psalmist sums this well in Psalms 77:20, Psalm 95, 105: 40-41. Personal Experience At one point, I wondered at how God came to choose the line of Judah over Joseph and Reuben. At first, I first considered grace as God’s motivation for His actions for...
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Revelation Paper both cases, God allows His faithful to undergo martyrdom. This immediately serves as a strong antithesis to the presently famous doctrine being touted by televangelists that with faith, God can do anything for a Christian, if that Christian has faith. This prosperity gospel insinuates that God’s blessings and primary will amount to physical and material gains and consummation of earthly goals. On the contrary, it is apparent that immediately Perpetua has a revelation from God [through a vision wherein the Lord is presented as a Shepherd], together with her companions, they all become aware that the impending martyrdom is God’s will. A very devoted and godly man, Polycarp also undergoes martyrdom. Through the experiences that...
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Revelation by Flannery O'Connor realize that people were seeing her differently, and this was the beginning of the revelation. Grace attacks Mrs. Turpin and tells her to “Go back to hell where you came from, you old wart hog” (O’Connor, 146). This message made Turpin to sink back in her chair and started to deeply think of what she had been told. She began to ask herself; “How am I a hog? Exactly how am I like them” (O’Connor, 150). She begins to see herself as trash; just the same way she had treated everybody at the office and throughout her life. While at her home, Turpin cries and gets angry that such a message was directed to her. She even asks herself why the message had been directed to her instated of the trash in there; “there was plenty of...
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