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What is the main purpose of the miracle stories in the New Testament Can we take them seriously in the post modern era - Essay Example

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Miracle may be considered the basis of the human faith in God. The miracles tell us about the great and extraordinary power that God holds over everything.
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What is the main purpose of the miracle stories in the New Testament Can we take them seriously in the post modern era
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Extract of sample "What is the main purpose of the miracle stories in the New Testament Can we take them seriously in the post modern era"

Download file to see previous pages Miracle is a sign God use to point at Himself or at His existence. Through miracles God portrays, the universal fact that the whole universe is made by Him. He has order the universe to act in a certain order and according to certain laws, therefore He has the authority to change these whenever He wants
The miracle is not always mean to break or violate the natural law. Everything has been made by God, He controls it and has been maintaining it since the first day of its creation but one day He will destroy it. The day will be “the day of judgment”.
In the New Testament Jesus Christ performed many miracles. He performed His first miracle when He changed water into wine. He healed many people. The brought the dead to life. This was all done to build the faith of the Christian in the Supreme Authority.
Being a Christian whenever you read the bible, you see miracles happening on every other page. Whether it is water changing into wine, sick ones is healed, the sea divides into two parts. There are number of miraculous activities which are performed by God himself, or by God’s will. All these events which we read only make our faith firm as a mountain. It makes us believe that Almighty God has unlimited power over every other thing. He controls all that happens and even the things that you think are impossible to happen. All the powers are in the hands of God, He can bring the dead to life.
The purpose of all the miracles is to tell the human being that God has control of creation because he is the only one who has created us. It tells us that if God has the control over such miraculous thing, so just imagine what he can do with our lives. Nothing difficult for Him to control He can change our lives within the blink of an eye. He wants us to believe in the miracles and know that they can happen in our lives too.
The miracles occur to make us believe in the bible. It makes us believe that there is a life after death and the way to that eternal life, is ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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