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Idols, images and no-thing-ness - Book Report/Review Example

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Joseph’s brothers sold him to Egyptians, where, via a series of exceptional events, he became a king of Egypt. When Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt for food, he ordered them to take…
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Idols, images and no-thing-ness
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Extract of sample "Idols, images and no-thing-ness"

Introduction Famine and drought in Canaanite territory (land of Israel) made Israelites look for food. Joseph’s brothers sold him to Egyptians, where, via a series of exceptional events, he became a king of Egypt. When Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt for food, he ordered them to take their father (Jacob) along and live in Egypt. Jacob’s family migrated to Egypt and their support was solicited in constructing Ramsees and Pitom cities for Pharaoh. At first, they were rewarded for their services, but after the death of Jacob’s sons, the employment relationship gradually changed into a servitude one. Since the Levi’s tribe was not involved in the job relationship, they were excluded from work.
Whereas the real slavery implementation may have been slow, the biblical accounts suggest that a new king (Pharaoh) took over the leadership and did not recognize Joseph (and had no interest in knowing him) and thus enslaved the children of Israel. This explains why the relationship between Israelites and Egyptians changed.
Immediately after Jacob’s demise, Israelites’ vision crumbled. They commenced to the accept foreigners dominion, even though, the true slavery did not oppress them at the time. When Jacob’s sons were living, the Egyptians did not want to treat the Israelites with ill motive. It was when the last Kin of Jacob died when Israelites suffering started. A change in Egyptians relationship towards Israelites was evident soon after Joseph’s death, but they did not start their oppression until Levi died.
Egyptians deprived the children of Israel of their land, vineyards as well as Joseph’s gifts to his brothers. They had no content in such animosities, but aimed to harm Israelites in different ways. The main source of Egyptian rage against the Israelites was mainly resentment and anxiety.
The people of Israel had multiplied in a miraculous way (Exodus 1:12). At Jacob’s death, the 70 people he has carried with him had increased to about 600,000, and their physical strength and heroism were exceptional and thus alarming to the people of Egypt. At various occasions, they expressed their might. After the death of Levi, Egyptian king –Malol – and his court did not recognize Jacob’s sons and their accomplishments, and started to enslave Hebrews.
The last separation among Israelites and Egyptians occurred at the time of Malol and Zepho struggle, Esau’s grandchild. In the course of the war, the people of Israel had saved people of Egypt from dangerous defeat, but rather than being appreciative, Egyptians sought to turn against Israelites because of their fear that the extensive power of Hebrews may be turned against Egyptians.
Egyptian king, Pharaoh forced Hebrew midwives to kill Israelites males and save female kids. Similarly, Egyptian thought that drowning Israelites male children were the safest way of eliminating the Hebrews and escaping the harm.
In conclusion, therefore, Egyptians relationship with the Israelites changed because of Egyptians fear and envy of Israelites might. Since Israel was the chosen tribe of God, they had authority and power over nature and could outdo Egyptians in various occasions. Egyptians feared that Israelites may overpower them and dominate them; therefore, they decided to oppress them after the death of Jacobs family and King Joseph.
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