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Marriage Equality - Research Paper Example

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They are the ones who have unique personalities and heart incongruent to their physical abundance. The longings and yearnings of their hearts are so hard to be complied by the…
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Marriage Equality
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Extract of sample "Marriage Equality"

Download file to see previous pages nterparts of a Christian Religion (The Seventh-Day Adventist and the Roman Catholic) based on their opinions and insights about marriage equality that the LGBT people take as their major concern. The theological views of the two specific religions of Christianity would be explored. Therefore, the study could find out who among the religious groups have brought changes and decisions for the marriage equality bringing along the reputation of Christianism.
It has been emphasized in the church manual of the Seventh - day Adventist religion that the couples for marriage should be heterosexual partners (Seventh-Day Adventist, 2005). According to Cook (2012), the Seventh-Day Adventist is opposed to same-sex marriage. This is also relative to their views that majority of the people to lesbians, gays, bisexual, and transgenders (LGBT) are mostly perceived as anti-Christ or atheist (Cook, 2012). Therefore, it could be that this kind of perception made the adventist church to totally block the LGBT with their rights to marry their same-sex partners. Moreover, the constricted faith of the Seventh-day Adventist church to their sacred scriptures made them to forbid the modern issue to agree the terms for marriage equality.
The Seventh-day Adventists claim that people are the apples in the eye of God, a supernatural being with an omnipresent soul (“Stances of Faiths on LGBT Issues”, 2012). Therefore, every individual is essential to God wherein every person would be bestowed with the fresh and spirit of God that is considered as holy. Human bodys flesh and soul must be filled with the sacredness of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enlivens every being, and it is the duty of a man to take good care of his body and soul for an everlasting life. A man and a woman must make a righteous deed of taking how his body must be holy because the Adventists or any living Christian believe that the body is a temple of God. They also believe that a man and a woman is created in the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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...? Gay Marriage Equality As It Relates To Equality In General Gay marriages, that is, marriage between people of same gender, have been an issue of debate since centuries. Kertbeny coined the term “homosexuality” suggesting that as homosexuality is endowed by nature, it is unethical to prevent them from basic human rights (A History of Gay Marriage, n.d., p. 55). The gay people have not only faced inequality in court but they also have been subject to physical and mental harassment by their fellow citizens. Instead of considering homosexuality as a person’s natural character, some people believe that it is a choice and these people choose wrong as they have misunderstood the laws of nature and hence they should be considered as criminals...
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Marriage Equality/ Same-sex Marriage in the United States

... no. Same-sex marriage in the United s: protections and rights Some s approved domestic partnerships or civil unions specifically for gay and lesbian couples that want to be married but there are still debates over marriage equality because these alternative unions only afford a measure of legal protection and not the rights as married couples. The aim of this essay if to examine the various protections and right accorded to same-sex couples in the United States. For better comprehension, the essay will focus on those protections and rights that are accorded to straight couples, yet remain elusive for same-sex couples. In the United States, the legal institution of marriage is, according to Lupu & Tuttle (293), monopolized...
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Marriage Equality/ Same-sex Marriage in the United States

...?Marriage Equality/ Same-sex Marriage in the United s It is important for children to have married parents. Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics believes that the same-sex couples need to be allowed to get married. According to a policy statement, same-sex marriage is a controversial topic but legalizing same-sex marriage would be the right thing to do. Every individual in the society has the equal right to participate in communal organizations. It is evident that the discussions on same-sex marriage are still a burning issue that divides the society. A significant part of the American population believes that the same-sex marriage should not be legalized as it violates the law of nature. On the other hand, according to several...
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Marriage equality

... equality. Equality in controversial marriages such as gay and lesbian marriage is a challenge to the society. The use of terms such as straight to define heterosexual individuals is a product of the need to identify the gay or up-right people in the society. The development of the diverse range of terms in explaining the new social development led to the creation of the term “marriage equality”. Therefore, when addressing marriage equality, it is vital to understand the various issues associated with the current term and the reasons for its development. Consequently, marriage equality is fundamentally a new term based on the cultural change witnessed in the world. The original meaning of the terms has been changed significantly because...
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Same Sex Marriage/Marriage Equality Case: United States v. Windsor

... are allowed equal protection under the law. This includes coverage for their union that extends but is not limited to “Social Security survivor benefits, immigration rights, and family leave” (Williams, Pete & McClam, Eric “Supreme Court Strikes Down Defense of Marriage Act, Paves Way for Gay Marriage to Resume in California”). All of these rights are protected under the 5th Amendment of the constitution of the United States of America. I do not doubt that I would have reached the same decision as the other judges of the United States Supreme Court had I been given an opportunity to sit on the bench. I would support the unconstitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act not based upon personal bias but rather based upon the fact and merits...
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Same Sex Marriage/Marriage Equality

...? Same Sex Marriage & Marriage Equality: United s v. Windsor Due The average straight America probably doesn’t think twice about laws that allow or disallow marriage. The average straight person, male or female, has the right to marry whomever of the opposite sex they so choose; without question, interference, criticism, and legal sanctions to prevent it from happening. However for members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community that is exactly what they have faced for many years in their efforts to gain marriage equality in the United States. For years many have made efforts to change the laws which would allow same sex marriage to be acknowledged legally and allow these couples to reap all of the benefits owed to spouses...
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Marriage equality and human rights violations

..., but helped in the achievement of the goal of re-election. According to the American president, the issue should be approached using the state to state approach. The advocating for a state approach to the problem would culminate into a national issue and finally lead to success of the acceptance of the same sex marriage. The impact of the approach would be different based on the legal implications of the problem. (Wolfson 23) The legal implications of the problem included a change in the legal direction of the country in relation to marriage and definition. Marriage equality is defined as same-sex marriage that is legally recognized in the society as the marriage between mature or adult persons. The major question posed by the proponents...
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Social issue: Marriage equality

...marriage equality, the debate around it and why marriage equality should not be allowed. The Debate on Marriage Equality The United States has been continuously consumed by this fundamentally contentious debate over same-sex marriage ever since the early 1990’s when marriage equality advocates were finally able to successfully secure their very first victories in state courts across the country. Ever since then, numerous lesbian and gay advocacy organizations have continued to aggressively push for equal marriage rights through both the legislature and...
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If the term diversity is considered in а very simplistic wаy, then diversity cаn be seen аll аround us, by the cаrs we drive, the clothes we weаr, the different diаlects we speаk, etc. While this mаy be а very generаl wаy of looking аt the term diversity, there is а considerаble grаin of truth to this stаtement. Thаt is, 21st-century Britаin is а more culturаlly rich аnd homogenous society thаn ever before. In the context of business, the orgаnisаtionаl mаke-up of the workforce is chаnging too.

Britаin now hаs one of the most diverse workforces in the world, consisting of а wide rаnge of religions аnd ethnic bаckgrounds. However, diversity is not just аcknowledged in these terms. It cаn refers to politicаl beliefs, аge,...
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If we are going to look at the duties and responsibilities of the job “secretary,” it can be pointed out that it is well analyzed and is in lieu of what the job entails.  It is not asking for any task, which is not part of what the job secretary necessitates.   It is not asking for any task, which is not part of what the job secretary necessitates. In the duties and responsibilities, we do not ask for making coffee or other similar functions, which we (with bias) associate with the job. However, one can also notice that it seems that the hands of the secretary are “full” since she will be the front liner of the company. Aside from the paperwork that she will file and the correspondences that she w...
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... Employee Branding and Equality Examine the extent to which the concept of employee branding conflicts with the notion of equality. You may wish to draw on organisational examples as illustrations. Introduction The concept of employee branding is certainly not a new concept since differentiation between employees and the way some employees are treated compared to others has been a part of our culture for many years. The concept of employee branding can be said to be in conflict with the idea of equality but it can also be shown that all employees are not equal and branding employees according to their performance and output is the fair thing to do. No company in the world across any industry in any location is as well respected...
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Family Law: Breakdown Of Marriage

In general, contesting a divorce is a difficult issue and grounds for divorce are generally allowed by the Courts. If one party makes a decision that the marital relationship is no longer working, the Courts are likely to accept this decision and grant the divorce.

While adultery is one of the important grounds for granting a divorce, John claims in this instance that he has not had an affair with Emma. Possibly, if this was the only issue at stake, he could have contested the divorce. However, there is also the additional issue of unreasonable behavior, which are also good grounds for the grant of a divorce. Isabel has made attempts to get him to see a therapist and has tolerated his depression and withdrawal during hi...
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Gay Marriage and Civil Unions

United by their desperate desire to prevent this legislation from enabling gay couples to marry and basically receive their equal rights like anyone else deserves to, many religious churches and perishes have banded together, putting aside their differences and dislike for one another to battle their joint enemy.
As they view the act of homosexual intercourse a sin punishable by going to hell, Christians, especially Catholic leaders, have expressed their complete and total objection and disapproval of this legislation. They firmly view marriage as a contract between two people of opposing sexes, or in other words: a man and a woman.
The union of two men or two women, in their eyes, is not only inappropriate but also un...
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Features of Early Age Marriage in Ethiopia

These numbers alone provide the readers with a shocking realization of how widespread early marriages are in Ethiopia. This may be a short article, but it definitely provides strong, concise, and accurate data regarding these early marriages. It also goes along well with the other chosen sources, thus strengthening the main points that will be discussed in the research paper. One of the good points in this article that makes it distinct from the other sources for the research paper is its discussion regarding the concern for HIV/AIDS-related problems that occur in early marriages. Another valuable insight to be gained from this paper are the recommendations regarding strategies to be implemented to slowly reduce, and ultimately el...
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Should Same Sex Marriage Be Recognized by the Federal Government

Other nations, however, oppose this move as immoral and disastrous. Among them is the United States, which has failed to recognize such unions although they are legalized in some states within the United States. The question of whether same-sex marriages should be legalized has been an issue of hot debate, as proponents give reasons for its recognition and opponents vehemently condemn it citing reasons why such marriages should not be recognized. This paper is a research on whether same-sex marriage should be recognized by the United States government. It reflects on the main arguments cited for the legalization of same-sex marriage and those against and selects that more persuasive and grounded argument. In this case, the conclus...
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Same-Sex Marriage in the United States

... marriage may be granted leave from work to take care of an ailing member of their family. Civil unions bring with them few (if any) of these benefits. In order to win federal and state recognition, promoters of same-sex marriage advance a number of arguments (Orthwein, Packman and Jackson 530). First, they argue that the civil marriage, not civil unions, is the only way to ensure equality between opposite-sex and same-sex couples. Secondly, they are seeking to end discrimination against gay and lesbian couples by the government at both levels. The debate has nothing to do with religious beliefs. Third, they argue that besides being a social and religious institution, marriage, however defined, is also a legal institution. The government...
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The Gay Marriage Debate

... marriages while upholding these protections for opposite-sex unions. In 1999, the Supreme Court of Vermont in Baker v. Vermont ruled that gay couples had equal rights, benefits, and protections as heterosexual couples. Vermont would later become the first U.S state to institute civil unions and extended equal rights as heterosexuals to the gay couples. The first gay marriage under the law was between McCloskey and Kadish in Cambridge Massachusetts on May 17, 2004. By 2004, gay marriage had been banned in only four states but by 2010, 30 states had already instituted constitutional bans on gay marriages. As of 2014, the support for gay-marriage had surged to 59 percent, which was a 27 percent increase from 2004 (Dicker 1). Proponents...
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