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This essay "Modern Civilization and Spiritual Lives " discusses many indigenous religions which were not considered religion at all. As a result, ingenious religions have been profoundly affected by modernity with many being considered immoral and uncivilized hence summarily outlawed…
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Modern Civilization and Spiritual Lives
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 Practices involving activities such as human sacrifice as well were certain forms of body mutilation practiced by indigenous cultures. Many, however, were just results of colonial influence, for instance, in many parts of east Africa, the British made it conditional for one to be a Christian before they could be given formal education this way many Africans were forced to abandon their original cultures.

Trade was another avenue, through which western religion was spread, moreover, the Spanish conquistadors and explorers forced the original inhabitants such as Mayans to abandon their religious practices which included live human sacrifices on their temples. As a result, many of the ingenious religions either disappeared altogether or became morphed and incorporated several aspects of Christianity or Islam in them so they could conform. Early missionaries also made Christianity look more indigenous by translating the bible into different African languages such as Swahili. Africans, for example, have incorporated aspects of their religious traditions such as the beating of traditional drums as part of the convectional western-style Christian services. Indeed, Christianity and Islam have been part of African religion so long they are considered partly ingenious to the continent. Read More
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(Modern Civilization and Spiritual Lives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Modern Civilization and Spiritual Lives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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