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Keys of Spirituality - Essay Example

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In the ancient world, human civilization was constrained in certain parts of the planet. For example, civilized people in Europe did not know about contemporary human societies thriving in the Americas. …
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Keys of Spirituality
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Extract of sample "Keys of Spirituality"

Download file to see previous pages Ecclesiology is basically the science of these practices and beliefs. As in the case of Christianity, practices and beliefs in conjugation with different rituals give rise to the valued ecclesial heritage of the Christians (Rolheiser 1999). With the lapse of time, contacts between peoples across the continents increased. And in the last century we have seen people to people contacts have increased almost exponentially. This has resulted into cultural assimilation as well as cultural skirmishes (Woo 2009). Consequently, ecclesial praxis has emerged. Now under the realm of greater spirituality, the specific ecclesial issues are more significant than ever. How should a Christian behave in Europe? And how should he or she behave in India? What should a Christian do when America’s federal government wishes to include sex education even in most conservative educational institutions? How should Christians adjust with their non Christian neighbors? These are few of the questions which are directly related to the ecclesial dimensions of Christian spirituality. In a more heterogeneous and cosmopolitan world, Christian beliefs, practices, and rituals should be made more contemporary with the help of a proper understanding of our ecclesiological heritage. Spirituality of Paschal Mystery Paschal mystery is perhaps one of the most essential components of Christian spirituality. In the sphere of complex modern civilization, it appears to be a real mysterious concern that how the pious nuns and monks remain aloft from worldly sins and prejudices. Ardent followers of Christ, as mentioned in the Christian texts, managed to maintain similar or greater moral values and God fearing characteristics in life. Paschal mystery is thus the branch of theology and spirituality that distinguishes between a common church and a holy pilgrimage. The priests and bishops are classically entrusted with this responsibility. Religious leaders must find out which places have special relevance in religious philosophy and how common people can be benefited by building shrines and monasteries. Paschal mystery opens up the doors for the common people to reach out and live up to the expectations of angels and divine beings. In this way, even a most common man might be able to enter into some kind of dialogue with God during pilgrimage (Rolheiser 1999). Spirituality of Justice and Peacemaking Humans are social creatures, and they have established civilizations and complex systems with their power of invention and intellectual ability. Therefore, we must understand our social systems in an intelligent and intellectual manner. Justice and peacemaking is a prime socio-behaviorist concept derived directly from the Gospel and the New Testament. In this specific realm of spirituality, the common people are taught to remain pious and good towards each other. Spirituality of justice and peacemaking eventually drives us toward intellectual maturity. We are then able to forgive and love even the fiercest of our enemies. Rolheiser (1999, p. 188-189) writes, “In the world’s schema of things, survival of the fittest is the rule. In God’s schema, survival of the weakest is the rule.” This is how the concept of justice and peacemaking has been laid down in Christianity. In this way, being God fearing and religious means that the true Christian will exhibit spiritual behavior by the means of the virtues like love, charity, forgiveness, and compassion. Spirituality of Sexuality But in the contemporary world, sex is time and again regarded as something that we must enjoy. Therefore, today in our society we have things like seductive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Keys of Spirituality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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