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Comparison/contrast of John to the Synoptic Gospels - Essay Example

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The problems occur, the differences of opinion surface to the fore, when saints and scholars try to interpret them with the level of their perception. For example, the view of the mountaineer standing at a height of 1000 ft. is bound to be…
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Comparison/contrast of John to the Synoptic Gospels
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Extract of sample "Comparison/contrast of John to the Synoptic Gospels"

Religion and Theology, Essay Topic: Comparison/contrast of John to the Synoptic Gospels
Scriptures contain divine revelations. The problems occur, the differences of opinion surface to the fore, when saints and scholars try to interpret them with the level of their perception. For example, the view of the mountaineer standing at a height of 1000 ft. is bound to be different from the one who is at the height of 8000 ft. John’s is an interesting book, and some inner transformation is possible with the one who reads it. Its contents are impactful. It is written for a mass audience, where the divinity of Jesus in the garb of human being, is presented. It contains records of the seven miracles. Jesus performed countless miracles but a believer has to remember that divinity is established not according to the number of miracles performed. Miracles just happen; they follow a divine personality and that was true of Lord Jesus.
The seven miracles mentioned in John indicate the all-embracing power Jesus exercised on the physical life like walking on water, change of water into wine and conquest over death with Lazarus. John’s Gospel was destroyed and it was rearranged with efforts. In the process it has lost symmetry and moves from one topic to another. It lacks the methodology and flow of other gospels. According to John’s Gospel, Jesus does not command baptism, but it does mention about Jesus advising Nicodemus to be born again of water and the spirit. To be born again means baptism. No mention of Supper of Jesus is made in his Gospel which is an important omission. Baptists offer justification for these two important omissions in the discipline of their worship.
Connectivity can be established between John’s Gospel and the Synoptic on the basis of the following assumptions: John was aware of the existence of Synoptic and he wrote to supplement them. He had knowledge of other accounts of the life of Jesus and ministry. Alternatively, he wrote with an intention to provide independent account of the life of Jesus, he had adequate material to choose, and he avoided repetition of what was already stated in the Synoptic. This argument is more sustainable if one accepts the claim of the Fourth Gospel that it is the eye witness testimony about the life and ministry of Jesus.
The writing style of Synoptic is direct; the events have been narrated to give the positive impression that the concerned saints were personally present at the spot where they happened. It is the verbatim report. The writings are descriptive. The style of writing of John’s Gospel is reflective, after the events occurred. The writings therefore become the opinionated statements. The author maintains a calculated distance from the happenings that he describes. Though he is an eye witness to the life of Christ, he maintains the secular distance while reporting them. He has taken recourse to the “post-resurrection” position. It is not easy for the authors of Synoptic to understand and interpret the events that were taking place in their correct perspective, because as per significance of the God’s plan, time has much relevance. What is relevant in a particular time may not be perfect at a later period. John’s Gospel emphasizes this fact and highlights the limitations of the thinking and writings of apostles and their inability to grasp the divine perspective in its totality.
The presentation of John is like the spiritual sermons and dialogues unlike the proverbial and pithy sayings in the synoptic. The later almost read like the religious commands. John makes “use of symbolism” and words that imply double meaning. “John makes more frequent use of these literary techniques than the synoptic. Examples: John 2:25 (temple/body); John 7:37-38 (water/Spirit); John 12:32 (lifted up/exalted).” This generally is the writing style adopted by the fiction writers.

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