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Abrahamic Religions - Essay Example

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In the essay “Abrahamic Religions” the author tries to answer the question: Why are Islam, Judaism, and Christianity sometimes described at the Abrahamic religions? The Islam, Judaism, and Christianity have Abraham as an ancestor and that is why these are known as Abrahamic religions…
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Abrahamic Religions
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Extract of sample "Abrahamic Religions"

It is also considered that these three religions perceive God in the same way. These religions are based on monotheism and do not worship another God apart from the One Power, the Almighty. In Judaism and Christianity, the son’s of Abraham has significance whereas in Islam Abraham is seen as the first Muslim. All these religions have a connection to Israel as Abraham is from Israel. Moreover, these three religions share the concept of original sin conducted by the son of Abraham.
2) Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are self-described monotheistic religions. None the less, each understands God in different ways. Compare and contrast the three religions in terms of their understanding of God.
A)It is a fact that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are monotheistic religion but each has a different understanding of God which give them a separate identity. Judaism straight away follows that Abraham is their ancestor and Yahweh as their God. In Case of Christianity, the son of the
Father(Yahweh) Jesus Christ is their God. In the case of Islam, Allah, the supreme authority or Almighty is their God. Moreover, the ways in which salvation can be attained differ in these three religions. In Judaism, the understanding of Abraham with God is considered sufficient to bring salvation to the religion. While in Christianity the deepened understanding of Jesus and worshipping him lead to salvation. In Islam, the strong faith in Mohammed leads them to salvation. Here we can see the differences in the belief of God are unique though the foundation of religions is the same.
3. Compare the way Christianity, Judaism, and Islam understands the afterlife and the end of the world.
A)Even though the three religions Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have a common origin, their belief of afterlife is different from each other. In Christianity, the deed of every person is counted by the Almighty, which can fall into two types; good and evil. Christians believe in the Day of Judgment, a time when we have to face God alone. This is the time when the good and evil deeds will be assessed and heaven or hell will be rewarded to the human being. “Over the centuries a few possible descriptions of the afterlife have been incorporated into Jewish thought. However, there is no definitively Jewish explanation for what happens after we die”. According to(Pelaia)In Judaism, it is believed that the world is like a hotel for people to come and stay whereas the world bestowed by the Yahweh is like a home. In Islam, the events of an afterlife are somewhat the same as that of Christianity. On the judgment day, it is said that Prophet Mohammed will resurrect and lead all the Muslim people to heaven but the evil will face Hell. Read More
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