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The existence of evil and the problem insofar evil exists can be explained from diverse perspectives of theological and spiritual relevance. The 9/11 Terror Attacks…
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Assumption Paper
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Religion and Theology: Assumption Paper I.D. Number: Term and Year Religion and Theology: Assumption Paper
In this paper, I will attempt to explain that in what ways is the existence of evil is a problem in this world. The existence of evil and the problem insofar evil exists can be explained from diverse perspectives of theological and spiritual relevance. The 9/11 Terror Attacks are, however, a question mark on the general assumption that pious attitude and puritan religiousness is good for the human kind in general. So many deaths due to the attacks on the Twin Towers of WTC are really appalling and caution us about the risks associated to Jihad and its related consequences in the vision of Islamic expansionism, which is inspired by religious fanaticism and theocratic attitude. (Whitney, 2002)
Antitheist Perspective
Antitheist perspective explains that a supreme, self aware, and benevolent being called God does not exist at all. Polytheism and atheism can also be included under this term. It is not very difficult to tolerantly deal with evil and even to submit to it if we develop an antitheist view. This is because that at least in the Christian world view, God is a self existent, loving, and benevolent being (Brown and Phillips, 1996); but antitheism denies a God altogether. This doesn’t mean that they cannot have their own deity. And when this deity is presented before the masses in a terrorist and unethical manner, evil is born. So, existence of evil in this world might be nothing unexpected in the view of an antitheist.
Pantheist Perspective
A pantheist may not deny the existence of a God (or one and only one God), but according to him/her, God might not be benevolent and loving. God is all penetrating, pervasive, and understand, and evil exists because of His impervious being. (Brown and Phillips, 1996)
Such a tremendously apathy generating representation may explain evil as another creation of God. Hence, staunch pantheists may hold that evil, although is a problem, cannot be avoided and should not be avoided. Rather, humans should be prepared to fight and ward off the evil.
Agnostic Perspective
Agnostic perspective is very much reason based. It is based on the difference between belief and knowledge. Hence, an agnostic person must be inquisitive and may not take anything for granted. Brown and Phillips (1996) believe that agnostic view is a kind of middle path. Therefore, a strict agnostic must find out what is evil and what is its relationship with God in the case God exists. In the view of an event like the collapse of Twin Towers, agnostic perspective might handle the issue by a comparative analysis of both the theist and antitheist paths.
Christian Perspective
Since according to the Christian theology, God is omnipotent, forgiving, benevolent, and creator of everything, the very thought of the existence of evil is highly disturbing. This is why when the Christian community is hit by an inhuman act it cannot take it easily and simply. Christian worldview advocates universal brotherhood. How can evil exist in such an amicable environment when Christianity is a success? Moreover, since God is the creator of everything, why did He create evils? After the 9/11 Terror Attacks, many of the victims at the ground zero started asking that where was God when the aircrafts were being hijacked and then rammed into the towers? (Whitney, 2002)
Obviously, there have been many attempts to solve such questions as why evil exists, but evil’s presence still remains a disturbing factor in the Christian worldview. However, pantheism and agnostic schools explain the world in a more complex way. Pantheists and agnostics have the ideological flexibility to define the concept of God differently. Antitheist perspective, on the other hand, does not recognize God all. But ultimately, Christianity remains a viable option for the believers, and Jesus Christ’s message of service and forgivingness can amply help us in even the most adverse situations.
Brown, W.E. and Phillips, W.G. (1996). Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview. Salem: Sheffield Publishing Company.
Whitney, H. (Dir.). (2002). Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero [Film]. Arlington: PBS. Read More
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