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Theology - Essay Example

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The term and the existence of its concept are thought to give reason of the existence of a God who is all-powerful and unstoppable in his ways (Young). He is also a God who will always…
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Download file to see previous pages However, due to the actions of their mother, the rich woman’s children perform so poorly in school while the children of the friend who is poor perform so well. What happens at this point is an example of a theodicy (Young 12). This occurs in a manner that cannot be influenced by any person as the children may be reading in the same class and being taught by the same teacher.
According to the example above, it is prove enough on the existence of theodicy in the real world. The problem of theodicy is that the rich woman does bad things to the innocent children of her friend. In her view, she thinks that nothing will happen to her. However, the truth is that, bad things happen to her family for which she has no control over. On the other hand, her children suffer from the mistake of their mother without being directly related to the actions of their mother (Young 12). Looking critically at the problems of the young and poor children, the actions of their mother’s friend is too mean.
Since the rich woman preferred to be unfair and mean to the children of her friend without thinking about what she was doing to them, the effects of her actions due to the theodicy come without any cure or defense criteria against her children. In this case, the effect of the theodicy was very necessary in order to give the rich woman a simple check for her actions.
The effects of the theodicy act as the protector of the defenseless children of the poor woman. They make the rich woman to understand that, the effects of her actions must be critically looked at regardless of what she owns or the ability of the one who is at her mercy (Dembski 150). They help to stand firm against evil. On the other hand, they give blessings to the children of the poor woman. This is like a lesson to those people who think that because they own money and other earthly things they can do anything they feel like.
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