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Religious Life of Planet Earth - Assignment Example

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Religious people have to participate in some activities such as communion, prayer and ritual practice. A number of religions place an emphasis on practice, while others emphasize belief. There are…
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Religious Life of Planet Earth
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Extract of sample "Religious Life of Planet Earth"

Religious Life of Planet Earth RELIGIOUS LIFE OF PLANET EARTH Religion describes the tradition, practice and artifacts of a belief structure. Religious people have to participate in some activities such as communion, prayer and ritual practice. A number of religions place an emphasis on practice, while others emphasize belief. There are different meanings of the word religious. Religion usually relates humanity to moral values and spirituality. Religious tend to derive religious law, ethics or morality from their suggestions about human nature and cosmos. Many religions have symbols, traditions, sacred histories and narratives that give importance of the universe or life. Currently, planet earth has twenty two core religions.
Religious belief is a solid belief in powers that rule human destiny or supernatural powers. The following criteria of what the population believed in regards to the purpose, nature, and cause of the universe according to their beliefs. Christianity, Islamic, and Hinduism are among the largest religions on earth. In Christianity, people believe that there is one God. He created the universe in seven days. They also believe that God created them to live in his vision of justice and love. The main objective in life of Christianity is to serve God and love others throughout their lives (Streng, 1985). In Islamic, influential religious rituals get represented as the pillars of faith. The five pillars of faith are daily ritual prayers, fasting during the Ramadan month, paying the alms tax, pilgrimage to Mecca and daily confession of faith.
From the above criteria, different religions have different believes. For example from Christianity, people believe that there is only one God, who is the maker of the universe. This is a superb example of beliefs because it shows that people of that religion believe in one Almighty God. Another example of believe is that some people believe in superstition beliefs (Streng, 1985). Superstition is a belief in supernatural powers, which implies that God is a supernatural being. Faith is another excellent example of belief. Faith gets well illustrated in the five pillars of faith in Islamic religion. Most believers believe that faith without action is dead.
Religion performs several functions to the daily life of a believer. The following functions get performed by religion:
1. Religion instills social virtues – A believer internalizes virtues and become a treasured resident of the society. Examples of social virtues are like honesty, truth and services.
2. Religion reinforces self confidence – Belief such as duty is divine and work is worship, got found in different religions. These beliefs promote self confidence to individual.
3. Religion gives recreation – Religion festivals and rites are less or more performed in almost all religions, which relieve people from psychological exertion. Hence, provide eternal recreation.
4. Religion gives mental peace – Religion consoles and encourages a person during a time of mental of crisis. Individuals get emotional support and mental peace from religion. Hence, it encourages them to face life without fear.
Religions can be well discussed in terms of relationship and communication. Relationship is a fundamental concept in all religions. Relationship may be spiritual or physical. It can also be static or dynamic, imagined or real (Streng, 1985). Communication can be channeled as either formal or informal. Formal can be organized through a religious leader where place and time get set. Informal involves direct line at any given time.
Streng, F. J. (1985). Understanding religious life. Belmont: Wadsworth Pub. Co. Read More
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Religious Life of Planet Earth Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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