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Email repies - Coursework Example

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The response of Classmate A, according to what was read and interpreted from Fee, focused on highlighting the need to clearly understand the Word of God, particularly the Epistles, through closely examining and differentiating historical and literary contexts. A good point…
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Email repies
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Religion and Theology Email Replies The response mate A, according to what was read and interpreted from Fee, focused on highlighting the need to clearly understand the Word of God, particularly the Epistles, through closely examining and differentiating historical and literary contexts. A good point raised was that if a reader failed to understand either the historical or literary context, chances of false interpretations would definitely occur. Based on experience, there is a need to establish the theoretical framework of a literary discourse to effectively increase comprehensiveness of the contents. One strongly believes that the Epistles provide lessons that confirm the existence of the Divine Trinity through the words and life of Jesus Christ. The response was therefore a positive manifestation of spiritual growth and an enhancement of appreciation for God’s Words through the readings.
The discussion provided by Classmate B initially differentiated the way Fee and Stuart apparently discussed both historical and literary contexts of the Epistles; eventually, hermeneutical challenges were expounded, prior to providing comparative applications to contemporary times. The good point raised was the cultural context within which the contexts were written, explaining diversity in beliefs, practices and values that were eminent at that time. One contends that there is validity in taking into account the culture and historical context into which the biblical authors wrote their discourse. Greater understanding and appreciation of discerning that diversity in their applicability has been significantly due to the time element that transpired since then. One therefore commends the manner by which the thread was written in discerning the crucial elements that enhanced one’s learning through the discussed module. Read More
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