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REL212 WEEK 5 - Research Paper Example

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You have to be Japanese to be Shinto. The Shinto religion is ancient in the society of Japan hence making it be the backbone of the culture and politics of Japanese (Picken, 2004).
In Japanese culture, when a child is born, he is…
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Extract of sample "REL212 WEEK 5"

Religion and Theology Discussion Discuss two things which would explain the relationship between Shintoism and Japanese nationalism
Being Shinto is being Japanese many ways. You have to be Japanese to be Shinto. The Shinto religion is ancient in the society of Japan hence making it be the backbone of the culture and politics of Japanese (Picken, 2004).
In Japanese culture, when a child is born, he is dedicated to a shrine and added to their list with or without consent. It is a way of welcoming the child to the Kami (Picken, 2004). Shinto legend sates that the great emperors of Japan are descendants of Kami and were present during the formation of Japan (Picken, 2004).
Explain the relationship between Kami’s and shrines in Shintoism
According to Shinto religion, Kami means spirits. Although it is believed that Kami resides in everything, there are specific places secluded for the interaction of Kami and people including sacred nature and the shrines (Breen & Teeuwen, 2011).
They are specifically built to accommodate the Kami and separate them from the outer world. To make them special, they have defined features to denote their age (Breen & Teeuwen, 2011).
Explain how Zoroastrianism acts as a bridge between Eastern and Western religions
Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions. Its founded by Prophet Zoroaster. They believe in a creator Ahura Mazdal, and that there is good and evil (Hartz, O’Brien & Palmer, 2009).
The western religions believe in monotheism. They believe in one creator, God. The eastern religions believe in polytheism. The fact that the Zoroastrians believe in the existence of both evil (druj) and the good is a unifying factor between the two religions (Iver, 2009).
Discuss possible contributions Zoroastrianism had on a religion you are familiar with
Christianity is greatly influenced by Zoroastrianism, one of the first religions of the world. Most of the practices in Christianity are from Zoroastrianism and include resurrection, dualism, judgment after death, the existence of heaven and hell and the savior being born by a virgin (Hartz, O’Brien & Palmer, 2009).
Provide a rationale which you think explains why there is a renewed interest in Zoroastrianism today
Through the help of hundred of scholars, there has been a renewal of the Zoroastrianism religion. It is still relevant and inspiring. The main reason is the main teaching of the religion is good thoughts, words and deeds. This are the main building blocks of the religion and also all the other upcoming religion (Iver, 2009).
Explain two ways in which the concept of “exile” in Judaism (from the Garden of Eden, then Babylon, and so forth up to the reestablishment of the nation of Israel) has been a major part of Jewish religion and heritage.
Judaism traces its root to the covenant made between Abraham and God. Most of their religion practices and heritage are governed by the many covenants they made during their exiles and journey to the Promised Land (Max, 1952).
According to the Bible, Abraham was given the 10commandments which are pillar to the Jewish religion till now. From the sunset of Friday to the sunset on Saturday, they observe the Sabbath (Max, 1952).
During their captivity in Babylon, they copied their culture including their alphabet and calendar. They also replaced their traditional script with a current Hebrew script. After their exile, they rebuilt the temple and recreated their lives using the Babylonian culture (Max, 1952).
Describe the impact of the Holocaust on Jewish belief that they have a covenant with God.
Jewish tradition depicts that God is omnipotent and omnibenevolent which was greatly contrasted by the holocaust. The holocaust means the burning of sacrifice on the altar. During II world war, it was known as the mass murder of Jews, Homosexuals and Gypsies by the Nazi (Katz, 2007).
Jews believed that punishment was the attribute of God wanting justice, and after punishment their covenant with God and his Love will still holds. The Jews saw the holocaust as an eclipse in the presence of God (Deuteronomy 31: 18).
Though they have deep faith in the existence of the covenants, after the holocausts, we see many Jews questioning the presence of God and his Omnipotent nature. Their faith is shaken by this (Katz, 2007).
Picken, S., (2004). Sourcebook in Shinto: Selected Documents Resources in Asian Philisophy and Religion. Westport: Praeger.
Breen, J., & Teeuwen, M., (2011). A New History of Shinto: Blackwell Brief Histories of Religion. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.
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Max, W., (1952). Ancient Judaism: Religion of the West. New Yolk: Simon and Schuster.
Katz, S. T., (2007). The Impact of the Holocaust on Jewish Theology. New Yolk: NYU Press. Read More
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