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Psychological Adjustments during Early and Middle Adulthood - Essay Example

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An essay "Psychological Adjustments during Early and Middle Adulthood" claims that there is also an increase in the social capability and over the span of the stage and an increase in the functioning. Various psychological adjustments exist for each developmental stage. …
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Psychological Adjustments during Early and Middle Adulthood
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Extract of sample "Psychological Adjustments during Early and Middle Adulthood"

Download file to see previous pages Though the timing of various events during early and middle adulthood vary, they nevertheless tend to follow a predetermined sequence known as a social clock usually a culture-preferred sequence of central life events (Stangor, 2015). During early adulthood, individuals are more concerned with the development of social and intimate relationships. Usually amplified compared to the physical changes are the emotional and psychological changes associated with this stage (Roundy, 2015). Typically, they seek to form relationships in the form of social interactions through friendships, and they seek intimacy through love. Marriage decisions are in most cases made during this stage. It is also now that building of relationships that last a lifetime happens. This chapter in the human development marks life’s career choices. These career choices, in turn, affect other spheres of the individuals’ social life. Friends, political views, place of residence are the some of the factors that are most affected socially (CliffsNotes, 2015). Middle adulthood manifests itself through different changes social and intimate relationships. For example, women with adult children, develop the empty nest syndrome where they feel unwanted. Also, there has been witnessing of an emotional rebellion referred to as a midlife crisis. Here the individual realizes that there is less time left to make past wrongs right (Brittanica, 2015). Another primary facet during middle adulthood is the identity development.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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