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2 options will send - Essay Example

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However, what comes out of the definitions is that religion is the belief in a supernatural being that controls the existence of the natural phenomena in the universe. Religion is common in the society where people believe their…
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2 options will send
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Download file to see previous pages Many people are religious and have established a relationship between their social existence in the society and the unexplainable powerful force. Given that the society is made of culture and religion, it can be concluded that there is an existing relationship between material culture and religion. As examined in this article, religion might be impoverished by ignoring the material aspect of culture (Smart 1998, p. 51).
Culture is used by people in the society to refer to symbols, customs and habits of a given group of people in the society. It is also used in some cases to depict things passed on from one generation to the other in the society. Material culture is a term employed in the description of the archeological artifacts of the society. Culture is identifiable to the behaviors and actions of the members of a society. For instance, the Irish culture could be said to be identified by their language accent and religion, which is Catholic. Therefore, other things in the society such as language, beliefs, norms and symbolism could also identify culture (Foucault & Carrette (1999, p. 86).
Material culture involves material things and symbols used in a given society. The material things include artifacts that are archeologically identified and utilized for various purposes as identified by the society. Some of the materials culture identified with some cultures includes the homes that people live in, businesses, churches and Penticton. On the contrary, to the material culture, non-material culture may also include the values of people and morals apart from the language, norms and symbols as indicated earlier. The physical substances representing culture do not work alone and require non-material culture. For instance, seeing objects does not make meaning unless one reads and understands the meaning of the object, something facilitated using language (Smart 1998, p. 75).
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2 Options Will Send Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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