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Jesus and His Disciples - Assignment Example

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The paper 'Jesus and His Disciples' focuses on Jesus who went to the Temple of Jerusalem, he saw the temple was full of people that sell oxen, sheep, and doves. Angrily, he threw the coins and overturned the tables and shouted that the temple should be a house of prayer…
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Extract of sample "Jesus and His Disciples"

Last Supper
Jesus is arrested
Trial before Caiaphas
Trial before Pilate
Trial before Herod
Crowd demand Crucifixion
Pilate washed hands
Jesus is scourged
Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples and had their Last Supper. He spent 40 days and 40 nights praying and fasting at Gethsemane where he was arrested afterwards. He went through 3 trials, first with Caiaphas, who sentenced Jesus to death. The second trial is with Pontius Pilate; he was convinced that Jesus is a good man. He sent him to Herod for he is a Galilean, and he spent the third trial there. He is also convinced that Jesus has done nothing wrong, so he sent him back to Pilate where the crowd demanded for Jesus’ crucifixion and the release of Barabbas. He told the crowd that his hands are clean and sent him to the cross.
Jesus carries the cross
Jesus stumbles under the weight of the cross
Simon of Cyrene carries Jesus’ cross
Jesus is nailed to the Cross
Jesus dies
Veil of Temple tears
A sword pierces Jesus side
Jesus carries a cross towards Calvary, and he stumbles 3 times. In his second stumble, Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus to carry the cross then after he passed the cross to Jesus. Upon reaching Calvary, Jesus was nailed to the cross. There were three hours of darkness even though it was noon. Jesus spoke and committed his spirit to the Lord, and then he died. The veil in the holiest place in the temple is ripped in half from top to bottom surprising the priests and the chief priest. After the crucifixion, a soldier used his sword to pierce Jesus’ side to be sure of his death. Read More
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(Jesus and His Disciples Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 441 Words)
Jesus and His Disciples Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 441 Words.
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