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Top Miracles of the Holly Prophet Muhammad - Essay Example

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The paper under the title 'Top Miracles of the Holy Prophet Muhammad' focuses on the concept of Prophet-hood which has a special and significant status in Islam. God created a man for the purpose of worship and obedience to His rules and regulations…
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Top Miracles of the Holly Prophet Muhammad
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Extract of sample "Top Miracles of the Holly Prophet Muhammad"

The core activities of the Prophets included conveying the message of God to the people, reciting the books of God, and guiding the people towards the path of success. The Prophets and messengers were normal people as they used to perform all routine activities such as eating, walking, or having relationships with other people around them.
It is one of the outstanding aspects of Islam that Muslims not only believe in the Prophets but also try to live their lives in accordance with their teachings. The main concept behind Prophet-hood is that a Prophet is a person sent by God for the guidance of His mankind. The key characteristics of every Prophet include honesty, intellectuality, and support of miracles bestowed on them by God. The greatest miracle was Holly Quran, which is a great book for the guidance of humanity (Qaddus). A prophet is the most righteous person and does not commit any kind of crime. That is why a prophet is a role model for the whole of mankind. Read More
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