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Concept of Justice in Bhagavad Gita - Essay Example

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This paper “Concept of Justice in Bhagavad Gita” has selected three concepts of justice in different religions, which is found in their sacred thrust. The three scriptures selected are Bhagavad Gita, Bible, and the Koran. The concept of justice in these three sacred texts will be discussed extensively…
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Concept of Justice in Bhagavad Gita
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Extract of sample "Concept of Justice in Bhagavad Gita"

Concept of Justice in Bhagavad Gita
Justice is considered to a concept, which deals with the right and justified arrangement and sequence of people and things in a community. The concept of justice has been discussed extensively in several domains including religion, law, philosophy, etc. In accordance to the theories of justice, it is considered to be the primary asset of the society or a community. It has a distinctive place in society and is different from the concepts of charity, compassion, forgiveness, munificence or kindness. Conventionally, it has been associated with concepts such as reincarnation, life after death, fate, etc. This paper has selected three concepts of justice in different religions, which is found in their sacred thrust. The three scriptures selected are: Bhagavad Gita, Bible and the Koran. The concept of justice in these three sacred texts will be discussed extensively.
The Bhagavad Gita is considered to be the sacred text of Hinduism and has pivotal importance. It has about seven hundred verses and its instructor is Krishna, who is the Divine One(The Norton Anthology of English Literature ,1010). In this allegorical representation of justice, the five Pandava brothers return to their land only to find out that it has been taken over by their relatives. The five brothers make peaceful attempts to ensure that their cousins return, what is rightfully theirs. However, the cousins refuse, which compels Arjuna to compel war against them. The war is waged and it is a righteous war in order to ensure that justice is attained in the land (The Norton Anthology of English Literature, 1012).
Concept of Justice in Bible
In the bible, the social justice aspect can be easily witnessed in the verses of Bible (The Norton Anthology of English Literature, 1207). Many of the verses concentrate on the social justice aspect. The verses revolve around the sayings of Jesus, which states that individuals, who have material possessions, must take care of the poor and disadvantaged. At the same time, criticism against racism, partiality and discrimination can also be seen. The discrimination prevailed against women, poor, lepers, gentiles and people, who had not rights and no voice(The Norton Anthology of English Literature ,1213).
Concept of Justice in Koran
The Koran is considered to be the sacred text of the Muslims. The concept of justice in Koran is based on morality and it is related to the personality of human beings (The Norton Anthology of English Literature, 1426). Justice is very important part of the Koran and it explicitly asserts that God is just and fair in dealing. The Koran also instructs not to eat the wealth of the orphans. At the same time, it instructs to help the needy, the orphans, show kindness towards parents, kindred, neighbors, etc. It has exclusively preserved the rights of orphans and instructs the guardians not to eat their property. At the same time, it instructs its believers to maintain justice, even if it is for the enemy.
After discussing the three scriptures, it is evident that the justice found in the Koran is the best. The sacred text of the Muslims instructs them to protect the rights of orphans and not to eat their property. It asks to preserve justice, even when dealing with the enemy. From the lights of three readings, it is evident that people get what they really deserve. It is true that one good turn deserves another. Similarly, a bad thing always comes back. Life is just and the vicious cycle always returns.
The three scriptures, Bhagavad Gita, Bible and Koran were used and the concept of justice was discussed. It is concluded that Koran has the fairest justice system.
Work Cited
The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Norton & Company, 2006. Read More
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Concept of Justice in Bhagavad Gita Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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