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Luke and Jesus in Biblical Text - Essay Example

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This essay "Luke and Jesus in Biblical Text" will conduct an analysis of the 4:14-30 verses from the Bible. In conclusion, therefore, a careful study of the events and teachings of Luke point strongly to the fact that Jesus had a big task and burden in preaching the good news to the poor…
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Luke and Jesus in Biblical Text
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Download file to see previous pages Among his first tasks was to call some twelve men who were henceforth his disciples. These were twelve in number.
In spite of his being a son of a carpenter, the Bible further teaches that Jesus grew into one of the greatest teaches history has had to offer, and arguably the greatest teacher of his time. Over and above his great teachings, Jesus is reputed as a great healer and performer of miracles. These, together with his great teachings, earned him great fame trough out the land.
In the course of time, the Bible records that Jesus fell out with the Jewish religious leaders and teachers (including the High Priest of the time) and was hence closely watched and tracked as his rivals looked for the opportune time to kill him. It was hard for the conspirator to succeed in their mission for some time. They at times feared that the people would riot since Jesus was loved and followed by many people.
When they ultimately managed to get him, they effectively accused him falsely and mobilized mobs that ensured that even if acquitted, he would still get killed. They were successful in getting him killed, and this happened on a cross in the hands of the Romans.
All these events and occurrences had been foretold in the Old Testament by many prophets who spoke, taught and prophesied in Israel and Judah. It is remarkable that a lot of details about a king in the future had been foretold, and of all figures in history, only Jesus satisfied all that had been spoken. That included being born of a virgin and in the lineage of King David.
Given his story, all the prophecies about him as well as the detailed accounts of his life, it is only reasonable to conclude that Jesus was on earth with a clearly defined mission. Whether the biblical text in Luke 4: 14-30 adequately defines his agenda on earth is thus the big question to consider. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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