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Communing with God (Meditation and contemplation ) - Essay Example

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Meditation and contemplation are two things that relate naturally to spirituality. When I hear the word spiritual, I would easily think of a person who is serious, silent and always doing things in the right way or one who does the right things in the right way…
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Communing with God (Meditation and contemplation )
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Communing with God (Meditation and contemplation )

Download file to see previous pages... Meditation is more of a response to something like after reading a passage in the Bible. Meditation is to study God’s Word and to think of ways in which it can be applied in one’s day-to-day life. Literally, meditation is defined as: "the act of meditating; continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation; transcendental meditation; devout religious contemplation or spiritual introspection."1 Contemplation, on the other hand, is defined as: "the act of contemplating; thoughtful observation; full or deep consideration; reflection: religious contemplation; purpose or intention; prospect or expectation."2 Meditation is more of a response to something like after reading a passage in the Bible. Meditation is to study God's Word and to think of ways in which it can be applied in one's day-to-day life. Contemplation is more of reflecting without necessarily using any reading material. It is an act of deep, thoughtful thinking that leads to a renewed mind and heart.3 These two terms often come together and are usually associated with prayer.The Christian faith has prayer as one of its major pillars. One has to communicate with God and vice versa. Humans talk to God in prayer and God talks to humans through the Bible. It is in this manner where meditation and contemplation enter in. Through this exercise, man learns discipline, calmness and a sense of security. Through constant mediation and contemplation, one becomes more "spiritual" and "holy."The Buddhists also practice meditation. This is done to discipline the mind and the body. Yoga is "a school of Hindu philosophy advocating and prescribing a course of physical and mental disciplines for attaining liberation from the material world and union of the self with the Supreme Being or ultimate principle."4 Both the Christians and the Buddhists believe that by subjugating the body through meditation and contemplation, one is able to reach a higher level of spirituality.
Why is there a need to subjugate the body and make it submit to one's mind Father Rolheiser's book5 leads the reader to the reason why humans need to commune with God. It also serves as a guide to those who are aspiring to be spiritual.
According to Rolheiser, every healthy Christian should possess the four essentials of living such as: "private prayer and private morality; social justice; mellowness of heart and spirit; and community as a constitutive element of true worship."6
We are always "restless, dissatisfied, frustrated, and aching. We are so overcharged with desire that it is hard to come to simple rest. Desire is always stronger than satisfaction."7

About two years ago, I was so depressed and downcast because my mother was lying in the hospital bed for almost a month without any sign of recovery. The doctors kept telling us that if she would cooperate, she could get better. Sleepless nights had really affected me and I became irritable, impatient and irrational.
In order to avoid further damage to my relationship with my siblings, I decided to "go away" for a while. I drove some 100 miles from the hospital, stayed in my mother's house and just literally "kill time." When news came that my mother was already in comma and would pass away any moment, I had the urge of going back to her side immediately. However, deep within me is a prompting that even if I get near her that very moment, I could not reverse anything.
So I attended a church prayer meeting, listened carefully to the preacher and silently meditated on God's Word. As I sat still in silence, I felt a certain calmness that I have not experienced for a long time. There was this sense of peace ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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