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Pagan Arabia and Islamic Monotheism - Essay Example

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In the paper “Pagan Arabia and Islamic Monotheism,” the author focuses on cosmological differences between Pagan Arabia and Islamic Monotheism. Cosmology is the study of the total universe. It includes physical history and space-time structures…
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Pagan Arabia and Islamic Monotheism
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Extract of sample "Pagan Arabia and Islamic Monotheism"

There was no life after this to the pagan Arab. The physical world is all that existed, and there was no hereafter and no accompanying punishment or reward. Their concept of man's role in the universe was one of hedonistic indifference toward the weak, economic and emotional greed, as well as abusive powers and control of the marginal members of society. It was a world gone mad.

Fortunately, Muhammad was charged with shifting this wicked paradigm. Allah instructed Muhammad to spread the message the Divine Essence was One sovereign Lord over all creation. After this life a Hereafter awaits what one's hand puts before them in this life will be their reward eternally. This life is temporary. Our ultimate existence lies in the hereafter. As such, human beings should act in a way that is fair toward his fellow, protective toward the disenfranchised, and obedient to the One True God.

The cosmological characteristics of pre-Islamic Arabia differ starkly from the transcendental features of Muhammad's message. They differ in the basic concept of the divine, the existence, and nature of the hereafter, and the role of humankind in the universe. Further study would demonstrate how Muhammad's contemporaries diverged from the traditional tribal ethics codified in the Qur'an and Sunnah. Read More
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(Pagan Arabia and Islamic Monotheism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Pagan Arabia and Islamic Monotheism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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