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Bible Exegetical on Luke 3:21-22 - Research Paper Example

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This paper conducts an exegetical study of the contents of Luke’s writings, of which include commentaries, journals, papers and other consulted works that have studied and well thought-out in this research. Luke 3:21-22, deals with John the baptism setting the stage for Jesus ministry for saving humanity…
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Bible Exegetical Paper on Luke 3:21-22
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Baptism is a sacrament in which, through the action of the Holy Spirit, an individual is buried with Christ and rises to a new life in Him . Baptism is a commitment to the new life with Christ . Baptism in the modern world is performed very differently from the days of Jesus. Back in Jesus’ time during the time of John the Baptist, baptism was carried out in the rivers unlike in today’s world whereby; it is performed mostly in churches in most parts of the world . Baptism in the Jewish culture was considered one of the most significant ways of human cleansing from sin in order to have a right standing with God. John the Baptist was one the men responsible for baptizing people in the New Testament, and most importantly; he was the man that was to baptize the coming of the Savior, Jesus Christ . This is an exegetical paper on Luke 3: 21-22.

The aim of this Bible Exegetical Paper on Luke 3:21-22 is to have a deeper understanding of how John the Baptist, as well as the baptism of Jesus Christ, was inter- linked in relation to the descending of the Holy Spirit in a bodily form through which John was simply the messenger. Two fundamental aspects stand out in Luke’s version of the Gospel first God cares deeply for the poor and marginalized. Second, the Holy Spirit is God’s great gift to anyone who seeks it .

This paper conducts an exegetical study of the contents of Luke’s writings, of which include commentaries, journals, papers and other consulted works that have studied and well thought-out in this research. 2. The Baptism of Jesus Christ: Luke 3:21-22 2.1. Historical Context Luke’s identity as an author is difficult to identify. However, tradition has identified Luke, as the physician who accompanied Paul. Luke, a gentile convert, wrote Luke-Acts. It is possible that Luke’s intentions were a wide single audience. Nonetheless, Luke’s audience seems to include a number of gentiles that were suffering from persecution and having doubts concerning the association with religious movements. Luke’s writings illustrate how Christians owe their existence to God’s salvation through Jesus, by way of the Holy Spirit6. 2.2. Literary Context The passage is found at the ‘Galilean ministry’ gospel section. Prior to the passage is the early life narrative, of Jesus’ baptism as well as genealogy, and his triumph over the temptation of the devil. Luke also stressed Jesus’ divine Son-ship (3:21-22), and his relationship with the Holy Spirit (3:21-22). 2.3. Literary Character of Text Luke’s introduction identifies the work as a story or orderly account, inviting the reader to focus on order. This identification allows accuracy concerning identification of its genre, as the stories choices; historiography and biography, which take their relevant focus of events and people, which lacks historical referent. It is acceptable that Luke-Acts, put together, represent a modified form of Greco-Roman historiography, which was influenced by Greco-Roman biography. This is vital in that it puts emphasis on Luke’s main narrative of emphasizing God’s fulfillment of ancient purposes, and further suggests that the document was meant for a wider coverage7. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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