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Contemporary Mythological Exemplar - Essay Example

The hero then returns with the power to bestow boons on fellow humans. This theory follows seventeen stages that can be grouped into three major sections: departure, initiation and return. In the departure stage, the hero leads an ordinary life when the person receives a call to head into the unknown, a stage called ‘The Call to Adventure’. The hero may at first refuse to embrace the journey due to fear or inadequacy, but finally sets off. A guide usually appears to provide wisdom to the hero (Campbell 23). This leads to the ‘Crossing of the First Threshold’ where the hero actually crosses into the new realm, abandoning his former life. This threshold is sometimes guarded by being to defend the entrance. On crossing, the hero experiences final separation from his past life (Belly of the Whale). The initiation is the second stage. The first part in this section is the ‘Road of Trials’, consisting of a series of tests to be accomplished. The hero may fail some of these trials and is often aided by a benign supernatural power. During the journey, the hero may meet a person that he or she loves, a stage known as ‘The Meeting with the Goddess’. The goddess represents unconditional love and friendship. However, the goddess may be manifested as a Woman Temptress who appeals to the pleasurable nature of the hero, with an effort to derail him from his task. The hero comes to the final battle called ‘Atonement with the Father’ where the person faces his or her greatest fear, commonly represented

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by a powerful evil being (Campbell 23).At first the hero may appear to be defeated and is shown by physical death or injury (Apotheosis). Finally, the hero defeats the being and achieves the boon or the goal of the quest. In the return stage, the hero goes home with the knowledge acquired during the quest. In some cases, one may refuse to return to the boring, ordinary life led before embarking on a quest. If the hero returns, he or she does so by either escaping with the boon (The Magic Flight) or is rescued by a powerful guide (Rescue from Without) especially when wounded. Upon return to normalcy, the hero achieves a balance between the two worlds, and is often able to go back and forth between the two realms (Master of Two Worlds state). Ultimately, the hero earns the freedom from death and fear, and lives now without restraints. This final state is called the ‘Freedom to Live’. The Harry Potter sequel clearly follows the Hero’s quest theory. The departure stage introduces the hero growing up in a home of little love and ignorant of the origins of his birth. A letter arrives for him (Call to adventure) but he is prevented from reading it by his uncle (Call refused). Hagrid arrives and delivers Harry’s acceptance letter into Hogwarts School and Harry departs with him. In The Sorcerer’s Stone, the crossing of the threshold is shown when Harry, Ron and Hermione sooth Fluffy, the guardian of the passage, with music in order to cross. They land on the Devil’s snare that only frees those who relax and stop fighting the roots (Belly of the whale). After which they face a series of tests (Road of Trials) including broom flying, wizard chess and the mirror of Erised. Hermione represents the ‘Goddess’ by encouraging Harry to finish the last part of the
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Instructor Date Mythological exemplar: The Hero’s Quest Theory and the Trickster Theory Mythological theories still feature prominently in modern day studies. This essay focuses on the hero’s quest theory and the trickster theory, and seeks to show their prominence in modern day life by applying their concepts to an exemplar…
Contemporary Mythological Exemplar
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