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World Religions. Scientology and Its Appeal - Essay Example

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The concept of Scientology can be viewed to be instigated in the year 1952 by L. Ronald Hubbard, an American author. The notion of Scientology can be termed as a belief and a practice which focuses upon rigorous works and the principles of this religion dealing pertinent scientific laws…
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World Religions. Scientology and Its Appeal

Download file to see previous pages... Moreover, the term scientology can also be defined as a valuable study which tends to preserve spiritual relationship to the principles along with the universe and other creatures within the world (Wallis, n. d.). The principles and beliefs of the religion i.e. Scientology are further witnessed to increase human potentials in accordance with increasing knowledge and skills concerning true nature along with the facets of immortal beings. According to Hubbard, the founder of the religion, scientology has been defined as the science that enables each individual to know the answer of each question relating to the aforesaid aspects. Moreover, the aspect of scientology can also be viewed as an effective organized system of progression which enables every individual to efficiently address various types of problems. Additionally, the concept has also been identified as an organization which relies upon both religion and psychology. Owing to the stated concern, an appropriate utilization of ideas or knowledge considerably provides the benefit to each individual to empower innate superhuman nature. According to the philosophical principles of Scientology, major challenges of each individual that unfavorably affects in attaining desired goals encompass deficiency in confidence, physical or psychological disabilities as well as psychosomatic infirmities (Matthews, 2011). Thus, the aforesaid significant aspects eventually reveal the appeal of Scientology. 2. Contrast between Science and Religion Science and religion have long been witnessed to create unabated discussion within the era of globalization. In relation to the present globalized environment, science and religion have been witnessed as the foremost paradigms that reveal significant controversy. In this regard, the dissimilarities of these paradigms have been illustrated in the following discussion. Science can be identified as the concept of knowledge which can be generated through the illustration of practical implementations concerning any specific subject or topic. In contrast, the concept of religion is defined as the beliefs and moral that set by any individual to improve human life and gain fundamental source of satisfaction. Moreover, it has been viewed that religion is certainly unable to involve adequate evidence concerning different beliefs and norms. However, science can be observed to act in the form of encompassing experiential evidence concerning each act performed by any individual (Hohenberg, n.d.). In relation to the modern day context, it can be apparently observed that both the paradigms i.e. science and religion have significant dissimilarities. In this regard, the aspects within religion consist of certain beliefs that engage uncertain attributes or beliefs. However, due to the nature of practicability and realistic characteristics, science significantly weakened the religious beliefs resulting in excluding adequate practical attributes (Perlovsky, n.d.). 3. Brief Overview of Globalization and Role of Atheism With regard to the gaining momentum of internationalization in this present day context, it can be widely viewed that the increased level of knowledge along with the perception of individuals play a decisive part in enhancing the force of globalization by a greater level. Moreover, the fierce development of human knowledge along with the greater involvement of scientific and technological aspects had radically provided adequate support to different individuals to increase his/her potential to achieve their respective desired goals and objectives. However, it is obvious that the vital aspect of atheism or avoiding beliefs of the traditional and religious aspects have also influenced more insight ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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World Religions Report Scientology
World’s Religious Report-Scientology. Scientology refers to some set of beliefs founded by L.Ron Hubbard. It is based on firm foundations of studying the spirit and handling it in relationship to itself, the whole life and others. The core purpose as stated by the scientology religion is to be certain of an individual’s spiritual being and his relationship with God who is believed to be the Supreme Being (Reitman, 2011).
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The new age
In addition, Scientology is a religion in the most traditional and deepest sense because it involves the rehabilitation of an individual’s inner spiritual self; the sureness of mortality, awareness and abilities, and the relation to the divine (Jarrow & Timbers, 2007).
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World Religions
World Religions. Born in Australia, Dr. Peter L. Berger is a famous American Sociologist. “He is currently a professor of religion and sociology, and the director of The Institute for the Study of Economic Culture at Boston University” (Xiao, 1999, p. vii).
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World Religion. Shaman to a Priest or Minister Shamanism distinguishes markedly in quite a few significant features with tenets which inspire formal religious institutions and the measures connected with them. Initially, at institutional level, shaman was the sole practitioner whose extraordinary powers are special in nature.
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This new religion however does not seem to entirely introduce new religious tenets, but only to borrow more from the old religions, especially those from the east, whose basic tenet was that man is a spiritual being, who have lived many lifetimes through renewal (Urban, 7).
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World Religions
Religion is commonly referred to or defined as “a group of beliefs concerning the supernatural, sacred, or divine, and the moral codes, practices, values, institutions, and rituals associated with such belief.” (Wikipedia, 2006). There are many separate definitions of religion, and the Encyclopedia of Religion describes religion in the following way:
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A world without religion would be a world without peace. Among the religion that has been gaining popularity is Scientology. The Scientology is a combination of Science and Religion. It was established in 1954, and has gain popularity rapidly and now reaches 5100 churches; missions and related organizations, groups and activities span the globe, ministering to some 8 million people in more than 100 countries in over 30 languages.
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Hinduism was first introduced formally to American society by Swami Vivekananda as part of the World Parliament of Religions at the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1893. Prior to this,
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World Religions
Concept under consideration performs an essential role for supporters of Indian religions and culture. Karma forms a universal notion to a huge amount of people; still, for different Indian religions this idea represents various concepts and believes. Such religions as
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World Religions
As is it known, Protestantism emerged as a backlash against the Catholic Church. Martin Luther made a harsh criticism against the usurpation of religious authority held by the pope and other Catholic priests. In ideological terms, the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism are manifested in the questions of authority of the Bible.
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