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Resident Aliens - Essay Example

A resident alien refers to a person residing permanently in a foreign country without the required citizenship. In this context, we analyze Christian religion in America or any other country. The book Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony by Stanley Hauerwas and William Willimon analyzes the nature of the church and its association with the surrounding culture. The book is against Christianity and claims that churches and Christians should give up on reforming the secular culture and concentrate on developing Christianity and the entire society (Hauerwas & Willimon 52-60). Indeed, the book disputes the notion that any country could be a Christian nation and asserts that Christians should consider themselves as "residents aliens" in a foreign land. On the other hand, the "Gospel of Matthew” analyzes the position of the early Christian churches within Israel and draws their association with Judaism (Koester, 1). Most importantly, Mathew depicts Jesus who is from Israel convincing the Jews to abhor Christianity. Additionally, Paul's "Letter to the Romans" exposes the Christian doctrine to all humanities....
He however assumes that the Jews will finally believe in Christianity and enjoy God’s promises. There is an assumption that baptism leads us to faith in Jesus and derives salvation (Ross 1). Additionally, there is an assumption that Paul’s ministry at Antioch led to the emergence of “Christians” and that the church was not a unified body and lacked a central governing authority.

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Indeed, it assumes that spiritual authority on local preachers who lived far apart and missionaries like Paul governed the church. More so, Paul's "Letter to the Romans” assumes that faith in Jesus Christ is the only means by which people can attain salvation and that Jesus will make a triumphant return to Earth and save those who are faithful to Christianity (Ross 1). On the other hand, there are assumptions in the book, Resident Aliens. The book assumes that the church is simply a gathering of strangers who seek help from the church to satisfy their personal desires. Indeed, it assumes that salvation is an adventure since the disciples simply followed Jesus (Hauerwas & Willimon 49). It also assumes that the mandate of a Christian is to live according to the love of Jesus Christ rather than trying to convince others to adopt the Christian ethics. The book assumes that the church should help cultivate and grow disciples instead of trying to redefine the ethics of non-Christians (Hauerwas & Willimon 69). Additionally, just like Paul, the book assumes that the church has ignored the teachings of Jesus and constantly seeks to make the Christian beliefs acceptable to the world instead of practicing them (Hauerwas & Willimon 51). Another assumption in the book, Resident Aliens is that Christian ethics cannot


Since time immemorial, there have been numerous pro and con arguments on Christianity. Notably, the arguments arise from philosophers, scientists, and psychologists against the staunch Christians. …
Resident Aliens
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