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Islamic Rules - Essay Example

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Islamic Rules Institutional Affiliation: Introduction Sharia is a term used to refer to the rules and regulations that govern the Islam religion. It is the moral religious law and the moral code of Islam. This law deals with many issues including economics, crime and politics…
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Islamic Rules
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Download file to see previous pages There are two major sources of this law in the religion of Islam. The first source is the Quran where there are laws that are indicated therein, that govern individuals in the religion of Islam. The second example is an example set by Prophet Muhammad in Sunnah. The sharia law has official status where leaders have different responsibilities basing on their positions of leadership. Shariah has been divided into five main branches which are: Crime and chastisement Economic system Family relations External relations and other relations as well. Bequest and disposal of possessions. There are various rules and regulations that are supposed to be followed by the Muslims in which if not. They are punishable by this same law. This gives a clear impression that they have to do what is expected of them at the right time, place and with the right people. This is to make certain that they show respect to their God just like other religions do. In the contemporary society, Muslims stick to their law making sure that they follow all the rule and regulations to avoid breaking the law. Generally in the Islam religion, there are five major pillars of rules and regulations that all of them are supposed to adhere to no matter what position of leadership they have in their religious hierarchy. All Muslims are following the five pillars because these pillars are the most important parts in Islam religion. According to Islam 101 “The 'Five Pillars' of Islam are the foundation of Muslim life. The five pillars include: Faith or belief in the Oneness of God and the finality of the prophet hood of Muhammad Establishment of the daily prayers Concern for and almsgiving to the needy Self-purification through fasting The pilgrimage to Makah and this is especially for those who are able. In other words, the five pillars involve declaring that Allah is GOD and Mohammad is GOD’s messenger, doing prayers on time, alms “Zakat” giving poor Muslims food, money and so on for Muslims who are able to do the Zakat, fasting Ramadan, and doing pilgrimage “Hajj” for Muslims who can do the Hajj. It is strongly believed that if there is any Muslim doesn’t do these five pillars, he or she will not go to heaven unless Allah forgives them since Allah is the source of forgiveness for them. This essay seeks to explain how these laws are implemented in the contemporary Islam religion. Since there are many rules and regulations to be followed, this essay will major on the economic laws, marriage laws and the dress codes. These are the three issues that this essay will cover, explaining how these laws are implemented in the contemporary society, in the Islam religion. Looking at the first issue of discussion under the sharia law which is economics law, there are various rules and regulations that govern the Muslim religion for them to live as expected and carry out activities that are able to make the economy better than how it is. All Muslims who are living in situations that are above the subsistence level must pay alms. These alms are referred to as zakat and they are paid annually. Paying of alms is not a charitable activity carried out by the Muslims rather it is an obligation Muslims in comfortable living conditions are supposed to help those who are living under the poverty line so that they can also live better lives like other people in the society. The amount of alms to be paid by the wealthy Muslims is calculated basing on the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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