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The writer of the paper "The Ideologies Of Islam And Christianity" compares the positive and negative principles of these two ideologies and makes the conclusion about they are similar or different. The author also discusses the consequences of them for domestic and international politics…
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The Ideologies Of Islam And Christianity
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Download file to see previous pages Islamic law tends to be formed through careful observation and education that Islamic jurists receive through issuing fatwas through sharia. Islam claims Sharia law to be successful because of its revelation from God.Therefore, the ideal nation which embraces Islamic law will ultimately be perfect.The sharia is characterized as a discussion on the duties of Muslims.Sharia, translated as "the way" in Arabic, refers to the body of legislation that regulates a Muslim's lifestyle. These laws derive from interpretations of the Qur’an, the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, and his actions. Islam, therefore, parallels the judgments of God with those of His final messenger because the medium through which both travels is a man who God has trained to embody perfection. A prophet or a messenger is a testament to sharia since he claims the word of God that is seen through his wisdom and knowledge.
Christianity works in the same venture as Islam in many elements. The Bible gives divine authority to the King and the council.The King usually leads his court to ultimate decision making and has divine authority as it is granted by God. Christianity is very keen in giving the Church divine power, with no separation of church and state. As a matter of fact, this realm dominated many empires for ages.
What might be some of the consequences of these theologies for domestic and international politics?
The consequences of these politics are that they clash against modern values that are part of society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Ideologies Of Islam And Christianity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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