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Syncretism . The ways indigenous traditions shape and inform Latina/o expressions of Christianity - Essay Example

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Syncretism refers to the fusion or reconciliation of divergent and differing belief systems. In relation to religious syncretism, it refers to the introduction of foreign belief systems within an indigenous belief pattern…
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Syncretism . The ways indigenous traditions shape and inform Latina/o expressions of Christianity
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Download file to see previous pages The historical matriarchal core forms a pertinent aspect of Latina indigenous traditions and the contemporary expression of Latinos in Christianity. Evidently, the primary basis for indigenous religious practices has been the female space. In this regard, women in Latina indigenous society have been the gatekeepers of ancient spiritualities. To this end, the contemporary religious world of Latina Christianity place women in high status such as official church hierarchical structures and domestic paradigms whereby narrations illustrating sacred proverbial truths; such as saints, ancestors, living and living dead, friends, family and God; are evident. In addition, the indigenous roles bestowed upon women such as leadership and curative functions in relation to religious and spiritual roles have spilled over to contemporary Christianity practices. This is evident in evangelico and Pentecostal churches in which women have exercised pastoral and ministerial functions. The term ‘Nepantla’ is an Aztec language known Nahuatl which connotes the meaning of, ‘the space of the middle’ or ‘in between.’ It is a postmodern conjunctive in reference to the existence of a New Middle, the renaissance from the colonial domination as means of psychological survival. In other literary mandarins it is reffered to as dwelling in ‘Borderlands’ and a process constructing alternative space for living and working. To this end, Nepantla represents a transculturation process of divergent worldviews. To this end, an example of expression of syncretism in borderland and Nepantla theory is the transposing of The Virgin of Guadalupe on an Aztec god image. In the domestic households, there were visual representations depicting the coexistence of Aztec images such as crosses,prints in tandem with the Virgin of Guadalupe. This manifest represented a form of Nepantla. Other terms that might be used to describe the mixing of traditional religions include Santeria; which is the mixing of Carribean and West African religion with Christianity from the Roman Catholic church; Orisha religion which the mixture of Nigerian religion with the traditions originating from the Americas such as Shango Trinidad, Vodou in Haiti and Candomble in Haiti. 2) Who are Our Lady of Guadalupe, La Malinche and La Llorona Our Lady of Guadalupe connotes the five apparitions of the Virgin Mary to a Native Indian American in Mexico city. His baptismal name was Juan Diego and the apparitions came at a time when the American continent was lost from Christianity. Evidently, the Virgin Mary left an imprint on the man’s cloak left an indelible change in Christianity. To this end, millions of people embraced Christianity and the message of love brought by Our Lady of Guadalupe, substituted the pervasive institutional violence synonymous with Aztec culture. Moreover, Our Lady of Guadalupe reconnected the old and new world that had previously been engaged in brutal conflict. Presently, Our Lady of Guadalupe offers devotional inspiration to the millions of people across the Americas Continent and beyond. La Malinche is regarded as one of the most controversial female personalities during the Spanish conquest. She symbolized the importance of interpreter during the Spanish conquest. Evidently, she was daughter from a noble family before she was enslaved and eventually a confidante, interpreter and mother the son of Hernan Cortes, a Spanish explorer. La Malinche ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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