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Lady in the Water - Essay Example

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The essay presents the film “Lady in the Water”. Being a human being, we have some moral responsibilities and commitments as described by Christian Smith. According to him, “We need a theory of culture specifying the means by which people construct strategies of action, but"…
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Lady in the Water
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Extract of sample "Lady in the Water"

Download file to see previous pages From the essay "Lady in the Water" it is clear that this film is the story which was a spontaneous and unplanned story told by the writer and director of this film, M. Night Shyamalan to his children. But when this kids’ story came in form of the film, it has not become a mere kids’ story. It was because some of the scenes shown in the film are not suitable for kids. Fairy tales can work effectively on pages as well as on screen. They take you in the world of fantasy and imagination. “Lady in the Water” also has the same attributes. It is a complex and fantasy-filled bedtime story. It is the story based on the current situation.
The story conveys the message to the adults who have lost their capacity for deep thinking due to materialism and excess of individualism. According to the writer, we have lost our capacity of deep listening. Today we are surrounded by the bogus stories which are actually far away from reality, especially on television. These stories contain a certain amount of violence, and horror as well as humor. But the real purpose of the bedtime story cannot be attained in television programs.
According to Christian Hamaker, "The film is often inspirational, contemplating the worth of humankind, showing how those who are emotionally deadened can be reawakened by a power beyond themselves, and demonstrating how the bonds of a loosely knit community can be strengthened in a common cause. … Although not quite on par with some of the director's earlier work, Lady has its rewards." (Christian Hamaker, July 20, 2006). The power for cherishing goodness by defeating the evil things is there in every human being. Once it gets awakened, the evil has to be defeated. Every human and every living and non living thing on the earth have occupied with divine soul. But unfortunately the materialism of life has made us to forget the divine qualities in us. The water in the film is associated with purity so as the aquatic creature. Again here there is an essence of Hindu theology of incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In the troublesome period, to save the mankind, Lord Vishnu, one of the prime Hindu Gods incarnate himself and became a fish. This incarnation is known as Matsya (Fish). In this film also Story comes from water to assist mankind. Thus the water is associated with purity, sacredness, innocence while the land is associated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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