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View of God in the New Testament - Term Paper Example

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Title: Why the New View (Topic: The New Testament View of God) The Books of the Old Testament were more of a compilation of laws, of Jewish histories, of prophecies, of wars, famines, pestillences, of homicides, genocides, and to most people, a questionable, distant, and almost always angry God…
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View of God in the New Testament
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View of God in the New Testament

Download file to see previous pages... The promise of a coming Messiah was awaited hoping that He would free people from the bondage of exile, and of subordination. But God had other plans of freedom in mind. It had been some two thousand years ago when a man named Jesus changed human history on earth. He was born in a carpenter’s household, in a manger, by a virgin. He was the prophecied Messiah as the Christian community holds upon. He is known for turning water into wine, for calming the storm and for producing food enough to feed the five thousand. He did not deny the case of Him being God himself—in human form. And with Jesus’ claims, was sentenced to die. He died the most shameful death a man could ever have during their time, a death on a cross. The story does not end there. After three days in the tomb, Jesus is resurrected back to life, he shows up to his disciples, he still eats with them, serves them food, and preached some more. It’s theological significance marked the victory of the human race against death, against sin, against bondage, and everything else in between. He is soon then raised up into heaven after forty days upon his death and resurrectionand is presently seated at the right hand of God, the Father. The whole story can be of two natures. (1) This person named Jesus was a total lunatic who claimed He was God, a make believe story fanatics have made up to appease their fear of the afterlife—as some would say, or, (2) He changed the eternal destiny for each and every human being’s soul by purchasing with his own life and blood, as how prophecies foretold. “He has healed the blind, made the lame walk, raised the dead, and preached the good news to the poor.” (Mark) Though the question arises, why is this story still relevant to any of the estimated 7 billion people on earth in the 21st century, including me? And what would this mean for the daily habitual routine of an average American? The story may have been told a trillion times. Some may have been twisted by some, improvised by many, and forgotten by a million, yet, its claims of being the most historical shifting event have ever offered in the Spiritual sense. It turned around, again in theological aspects, how people would and/or could actually relate and describe a divine. This story of Jesus actually changed the way the whole world can and/or will ever have to relate with the God who was viewed as a distant, angry God hundreds, and even thousands of years before the coming of Jesus Christ. The event gave being to the blueprint of the idea of a God to realting to a sinful human being. In Jesus, a fullness of how a God would walk, talk, act, weep, speak, and mourn was revealed. Jesus was, as described in the Bible, “is the image of an invisible God, the firstborn over all creation...”. It was a revelation of a diety made tangible and can be grasped. In the study of His life, He is presented as the mediator between man and God, making Him equal with God, at the same time, a full human being. He is presented as the Incarnate Person of the Trinity that stands in mankind’s place, this means that when God looks at the human race, He sees the person Jesus Christ instead. The doctrine of the God in the New Testament was a God shown in the person of Jesus Christ who was the sacrificial Lamb that paid the debt of mankind’s sin. This makes the whole difference as far as the Old and the New Testaments are concerned. Jesus is the mark that draws the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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