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Hebrew Bible - Essay Example

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This paper presents the epic struggle between the prophet Moses and the pharaoh Ramses. Moses on the instructions of Jehovah pleads for the freedom of his people and the stubborn insistence of the king Ramses not to allow them freedom from four hundred and three years of bondage. …
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Hebrew Bible
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Extract of sample "Hebrew Bible"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that the chapters 5 to 12 of the Hebrew Bible are mainly concerned with the record of miraculous happenings that result because of the pharaoh time and again not keeping his promise to Moses to grant them the freedom to pray to Jehovah in the wilderness. It is his pride and unbelief that leads to the occurrence of the ten plagues that visit the Egyptians one after the other and culminate in the death of the firstborn among the Egyptians but still the pharaoh is unrepentant and according to Jehovah is destined to the destruction of his people and himself. His wise men and sorcerers enact the miracles that are performed by Moses but even they are fully convinced that they are not dealing with some odd magician, but instead some supernatural power at work on behalf of Moses. They are convinced that the power or force that backs Moses is beyond them, and they stand no chance but the pharaoh’s heart and mind by the knowledge of the Lord God are hardened against the truth and the righteous. Faith, especially in the Hebraic and the Islamic tradition, is pure and simple blind belief in Jehovah and Allah, so either you possess it or you do not there are no two opinions about it. But for the sake of the unbeliever Jehovah manifests himself through the miracles to open up the eyes of the unbeliever but all to no avail as far as the pharaoh is concerned. The Twelfth chapter is concerned about the feast of Passover and how to avoid the wrath of Jehovah. Historical Background: It has been a topic of heated debate that the account of Bible is historically accurate. This is the traditional view. The opposing view is that the text is not historically correct, not because Bible is a holy book but exactly for that fact because Bible is a religious testament, concerned more with leading the men to good and righteousness and abstain from evil. The historical background is that for four hundred and thirty years the Israelites were oppressed and kept in utter bondage. The miraculous events that take place, though cannot be verified what can be easily sifted through the annals of another historical record that have been recovered, discovered and unearthed by the researchers. A very important testament, that verifies the miraculous happenings recorded in the Hebrew Bible, of an age and time, specifically of Exodus is (revealed word of Allah), that is the Holy Quran. The story narrated in the Hebrew Bible and the Holy Quran agrees most of the important instances. The whole Surah Al-Baqarah (this title literary translated into English as “The Cow”), the longest chapter of the “Holy Quran”, accurately records the history and the travails of “Bani-Israel” (the Israelites) including the events mentioned in Exodus. It is mentioned on many occasions in the Holy Quran that the Israelites are the most beloved people of Lord God or more accurately Allah. According to “Historiography and Self-definition: Josephus, Luke-Acts and Apologetic Historiography”, an authoritative book on the Exodus considers and proves it as “general history” as opposed to a monograph or antiquarian history. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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