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A Portrait of My Obsession: People, Photography and Travelling - Term Paper Example

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The author states that traveling and technology produce thirst for more exposure, exploration, and adventure. The close involvement with people from different cultures enhances our sense of selfhood. The technology generates involvement with surroundings…
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Extract of sample "A Portrait of My Obsession: People, Photography and Travelling"

Download file to see previous pages Obsession stems from instinct or subconscious and at times, socially or culturally conditioned need to repeat certain actions or rituals. These actions and rituals may be mental or physical, such as a young adolescent girl worrying about her dark circles every morning, a schoolboy playing trains, or a depressive man obsessively fixated on the notion of death and suicide. Thus, in terms of more accurate terminology, obsession is a behavior that causes, as The American Heritage Dictionary puts it, “a compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea”. This idea may take any form; it may be sex, or food, or alcohol/ drugs, or a person, or maybe booked.

The objects of obsession, therefore, are infinite in their varieties and possibilities. Certain psychological disorders are, of course, accompanied by an asymptomatic form of obsessive-compulsive behavior, as schizoid-affective diseases or neurosis. A classic example of obsessive-compulsive disorder comes to mind when I think of a certain lady in my neighborhood, who exhibits such behavior through painstaking repetitions of individual tasks, an unnatural preoccupation with health and severe ‘germ phobia’, recurrent acts of cleaning and washing. These cases are the exemplar of the devastating effect of a schizoid or a neurotic person, and primarily evoke a negative definition and understanding of “obsession”.

However, I am primarily concerned with the cultural implication of the term, which offers as an interrelated dynamic when coupled with another word ‘healthy’, thus presenting us with a fascinating concept that challenges the psychological reading, as discussed previously. However, it must be kept in mind; this notion of ‘healthy obsession’ is not free of problems either. As Lennard J. Davies has noted with remarkable aptness and conciseness, in his book Obsession: A History, “Indeed, we live in an age of obsession; or more to the point, an age that is obsessed with obsession.” (3) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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