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Consciousness and Cognitive Control - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper “Consciousness and Cognitive Control” shows that cognitive control is directly associated with individual consciousness. According to these studies, human beings exert control over their behaviors if they are aware of the outcome of their actions…
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Consciousness and Cognitive Control
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Extract of sample "Consciousness and Cognitive Control"

Download file to see previous pages Traditional thinkers confirm their argument by citing various activities that are controlled by individual influence such as neurological cases of extinctions, neglect, and blindsight (Wilfried Heiko and Andrea, 2010).
The knowledge of possible reasons for inconsistencies in human actions will, therefore, play a vital role in understanding some of the factors that affect individual actions. Based on the presented evidence, the consciously registered events play a critical role in influencing individual behaviors and reactions to emerging activities.
Traditional studies have confirmed that unconscious stimuli have a critical role in influencing individual behaviors. A classic demonstration of this case is particularly related to various neurological cases such as extinction, neglect, and blindsight. In the health department, the role of unconscious stimuli is indicated by means of subliminal priming. In this case, subliminal priming participants reacted to a target that is preceded by the prime stimulus. Although there are various researches that affirms the role of conscious aspects in shaping individual behaviors, the study on the role of unconscious behaviors is at its infant stage. The debate on the role of unconscious instinct has also raised endless controversy in modern psychological and social disciplines.
Modern studies have affirmed that there exist two types of controls that evoke events, the implicit and explicit events. Explicit events are distinct stimuli that have a direct impact on individual actions and behaviors.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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