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Importance of Reflective Journal - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "Importance of Reflective Journal" it is clear that such journal is used for holistic training as experiences, emotions, mind and body are joined in one and the learner can understand the connections whether the training is for Christians and other religious people…
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Importance of Reflective Journal
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Extract of sample "Importance of Reflective Journal"

Download file to see previous pages Basically, reflection pertains to various things, but it connects to a basic concept which can be defined by science as, ‘a  beam of light traveling in a medium be incident on the surface of separation between two media, a portion of the incident light is turned back to the first medium’ (Ghosh and Chakravorty, 2006, p.454). In that law of science, the light is bounced once it hits the surface of a mirror. It only shows that the practice of reflection in philosophy or about daily life is like looking in a mirror, analyzing the details of own self. In relation to reflection, a famous quote was once given by Socrates which states that ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’ (Rappe, 2009, p.58). The essence of reflection is best shown in the quotation of the famous philosopher as people can only live their lives to the fullest if their lives are analyzed. If they give true desire to improve and watch their actions, surely their lives will be meaningful.
Reflections are usually associated with spirituality and religion as they relate the teachings of values that guide people in their everyday lives. Knowing the purpose and direction in life is the most important in human existence as it allows people to focus on their energies and efforts on what really matters most.
Such journal is used for holistic training as experiences, emotions, mind, and body are joined in one and the learner can understand the connections whether the training is for Christians (Moon, 2006, p.88) and other religious people. For adolescents and even those who are older need the journal for better reflective thinking. They can watch appropriate movies that can project a particular issue in which the audience can relate and reflect upon. Through reflection, they can absorb the meanings and applications in life and later on modify their personal values. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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