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Psychology of Gambling Addiction - Research Paper Example

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This paper concentrates on its psychological aspects, the effects that gambling has on the addict and their family and the various solutions available for its addiction. Gambling addiction is just a psychological problem and it can be dealt with effectively after cooperation of the sufferer  …
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Psychology of Gambling Addiction
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Download file to see previous pages All the situations were the positive or negative cause, with time, a certain level of addiction to the activity as the rich endeavor to be richer and the losers find ways to reclaim their past losses. This paper shall concentrate on its psychological aspects, the effects that gambling has on the addict and their family and the various solutions available for its addiction. Gambling addiction is just a psychological problem and it can be dealt with effectively after cooperation of the sufferer.
It is important for one to ask the major question; why does one gamble? This question shall lead to the answers as to why and how people end up becoming addicted to gambling (Perkinson 65-114). It is a fact that many have lost their property, valuables, money and even life from gambling. Research shows that people gamble for enjoyment, others for just play as they are subconsciously motivated to do so while the last lot engages in gambling because of the positive stimuli active as the driving force (Eades 36-152). These can also be classified into three categories; competition followed by money and lastly the delight of the unknown.
When one engages in gambling, the most likely reason for doing so is that they are after gaining money. People play as they lose but keep on playing. Some win huge rewards while others win just a little but all these keep on gambling. The driving force of the repeated gambling is the urge to win and win more which sums up to the aspect of hope which is similar to the operant conditioning theory. It is the positive reinforcement of receiving money that keeps players playing more and more. The other factor of competition comes in especially when dealing with games that require special skills to win like poker.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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