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The Issue of Psychodrama for Therapy - Case Study Example

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The author of the current case study "The Issue of Psychodrama for Therapy" points out that music therapy has proved a blessing to the septuagenarian patients. But there are other significant psychological therapies, which can cure them of their dysfunctional state of mind…
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The Issue of Psychodrama for Therapy
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Extract of sample "The Issue of Psychodrama for Therapy"

Download file to see previous pages Psychodrama, the brainchild of Jacob L. Moreno (1889-1974), has a significant role as group therapy. (Rifkin, 2010, p.400) This concept was developed in the 1920s by Moreno in Vienna. “The therapist invites a client to role-play some aspect of the client’s problem, and the therapist uses psychodramatic techniques to draw the client out”. (Blatner, 2007, p.1) Through dramatic action, psychodrama tries to explore various problems, issues and concerns of human life. It focuses on a set of people that is its action is directed on organizations, groups and systems. Psychodrama entails a group work method, which facilitates human development. Through psychodrama, one can portray multiple roles. It includes several aspects and elements of theatre; the dramatic actions use a lot of props and when it is played on the stage it keeps the audience hooked to it. In the group work method of psychodrama, an individual member of the group becomes a therapeutic agent for another individual. People suffering from various psychologically harmful diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, amnesia, depression and temporary loss of memory are subjected to this unique group work method. Active participation (because the participants are the patients themselves) in the dramatic action sorts out the psychological issues that seem to bother their life. On stage, they try to explore their internal conflicts by acting out emotions and feelings. Psychodrama involves a lot of interpersonal interactions. The protagonist is shown to interact with other actors and director, also known as the leader. The techniques applied on psychodrama are doubling along with soliloquy, mirrors, role reversals and sociometry. “Psychodrama is an active form of group psychotherapy, where an individual’s life situations are presented on stage with support from group members” (Djuric, 2006, p.9) In short psychological nuance is the prime focus of psychodrama. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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